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Recently I’ve been getting quite a few questions about it like the one below..

Hi Lukha, I was thinking about trying Dianabol because I really want to build some muscle but I found this thing called Dbol from Crazy Bulk. Have you heard of it? If so what do you think?

Visit Here Dianabol For Sale (Dbol) Anabolic Steroids 

So I thought I would write this review to tell you everything you need to know about it.

(Reviews!) Since this post went live there are now some excellent Dbol reviews posted below by real customers.

First of all Dbol is a supplement made up of natural ingredients to try and mimic the effects of one of the most popular anabolic steroids known to man..


Back in 1983 the original makers of Dianabol (Ciba) pulled it from the market.

Dianabol was being used by athletes in every single sport and a wave of bodybuilders started using it to build muscle.

Apart from testosterone it was pretty much the first anabolic steroid to arrive on the scene.

When Ciba could not explain to the FDA what Dianabol actually does apart from helping to build muscle and improve performance in sports Ciba had to stop producing it.

To this day Dianabol has not been produced in the US but is still made in other countries all around the world.

It is still one of the most used steroids among bodybuilders to this day.

Despite its effectiveness at helping one build muscle it also comes with a host of dangerous and unwanted side effects including toxicity to the liver so it’s no wonder guys are turning to legal steroid alternatives.

The Alternative: There are a few Dianabol alternatives on the market right now but the best that I have used is Dbol by Crazy Bulk.

It’s effective and it has no known side effects.

Here’s a post I found from someone using Dbol..

I was starting to feel very weak and I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

The person I wanted to be was strong and had muscles.

A friend recommended I try Dbol (it’s a natural steroid alternative.) and join him at the gym.

So I did.

When he worked out I worked out.

When he went home I carried on working out.

I started getting up early in the morning so I could workout twice a day.

That Dbol is powerful stuff because almost every workout I was lifting heavier and heavier and just felt so strong.

I could literally see myself making gains.

And then one day I realized that I was lifting more than my friend and the student had become the master.

I started getting women coming up to me and making conversation and now I’m getting laid all the time.

I’m proud of myself for putting in the effort and I’m thankful to Dbol and the iron for getting me where I wanted to be in life.

I think the Dbol and the Crazy Bulk company are really changing people’s lives.

Anabolic steroids are powerful but they come with side effects so legal steroid alternatives are changing the game.

It’s evolution and legal steroids are taking over.

Visit Here Dianabol For Sale (Dbol) Anabolic Steroids 

So how does Dbol work?

It increases protein synthesis: I’m sure you already know that protein cells are the building blocks of muscle.

By increasing protein synthesis by over 400% your body essentially packs on muscles rapid quick.

Some guys have even gain up to 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks with Dianabol.

Because Dbol is about 75% as effective as the illegal version you can expect to make some impressive gains.

Nitrogen retention: The muscle tissue in your body is made up of about 17% Nitrogen.

When you workout you lose this Nitrogen and and it causes muscle waste.

This is why a lot of guys workout and never make any gains.

Dbol helps to retain this Nitrogen so that you remain in an anabolic state and build muscle.

So if you’re looking to build muscle then Dbol is the best choice but you still need to eat a calorie surplus to make sure you body is getting the protein and nutrients it needs to make gains.

This is why it’s not recommended for athletes who are looking for a performance enhancer because you will gain mass.Dianabol for sale – dbol steroids Best Dianabol Steroids

What’s It Like Taking Dbol?

Ever had one of those moments where you just feel really in the zone when you’re working out and you can feel the pump?

Well imagine that times 10 and you have Dbol.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that when you lift weights you start to get a pump much faster.

You won’t want to put the weights down because you’ll feel so in the zone that you want to carry on to see how far you can take it.

The next day when you should be feeling tired you’ll realize that you feel great and you’re ready for another workout.

You’ll go to pick up the weights that felt heavy yesterday and they’ll feel strangely light.

So you pick up the heavier ones.

Before you know it weeks have gone by and you’re standing there looking in the mirror with a HOLY SH&T look on your face when it hits you just how fast you’ve gained all this muscle.

You’ll leave the house and out of the corner of your eye as you walk past women you’ll see them mirin and this is when life starts to get good..

So should you buy Dbol? If you want to build muscle then Dbol is my number 1 recommended product.

 Dianabol For Sale (Dbol) Anabolic Steroids

Dbol FAQs

When is the best time to take it? The instructions on the website advise that you take 3 capsule 45 minutes after working out.

Personally I recommend taking 1 capsule an hour before you workout and 2 capsules 45 minutes after you workout.

This way your body has an extra dose of Dbol running through during your workout which I think is important.

How does it compare to Dianabol? As you know Dbol is the legal steroid alternative to Dianabol which is a very powerful anabolic steroid that bodybuilders have been using for year.

The truth is that Dbol isn’t quite as effective as Dianabol but it’s still very effective. It’s about 60-75% as powerful as the real thing.

Here’s what a reader who’s used both says about them.

What’s up guys. I’ve seen a bunch of people asking about this dbol stuff lately from the Crazy Bulk website so I thought I would chime in with my thoughts.

I’ve used this supplement and the real thing (Dianabol) and if you want the short answer then I’d recommend trying dbol first because it’s cheap, it’s safe and it works.

I stopped taking Dianabol because of blood pressure issues and some gyno problems and lost my gains within weeks so it was a big waste of money.

Then I read about this dbol stuff and saw that it had mostly positive reviews so I went for it.

I take 3 capsules after my workout and within days of taking it I started working out like a machine again.

When I was taking it I would get big pumps, feel stronger and workout for ages.

It felt similar to taking Dianabol but not quite as potent but still felt great.

After using it for 2 months I’ve gained over 20lbs with very little fat gains.

When I used Dianabol I gained about 32lbs in that time so I can conclude that dbol isn’t quite as effective as the real thing but that’s to be expected.

But when I stopped taking the real thing my gains disappeared quickly and from what I’ve heard the muscle you build using dbol is legit and won’t disappear when you stop taking the supplement which is good.

Plus a 20lb gain in 2 months is great by me as 2 months isn’t that long and I feel like I’m on the right track again.

Anyway that’s my little review. I hope it helps!

So as you can see it isn’t as powerful as the real thing but that’s to be expected because it’s made up of natural ingredients and not chemicals made up in a lab.

However don’t let that put you off because it’s still a very powerful supplement.

Is it safe to take? The reason that legal steroids are becoming more and more popular is because they’re not made in a lab and they’re not full of chemicals.

They’re made up of plants and other natural ingredients so you can feel good knowing that you’re not doing any damage to your body and you’re only putting healthy stuff into it.

So yes, it is completely safe to take.

How long should I take it for? Most people using Dbol will be using it to help them during their bulking phase.

If you’re going to use it for bulking then I would recommend using it for 8-12 weeks.

Some people bulk for longer.

It really depends on how much fat you’re building up. If you’re just gaining muscle and very little fat then you can keep using it to bulk for as long as you like.

Dianabol For Sale (Dbol) Anabolic Steroids

But when you start to notice that you’re gaining too much fat then that’s the time to start cutting.

Because Dbol is safe to take you can be pretty relaxed when it comes to how long you’re taking it for and you don’t have to worry too much about cycling.

What should I stack it with? If your goal is to bulk up and build muscle then I would recommend the bulking stack or if that’s too costly for you then I would recommend stacking it with Trenorol with is an alternative another powerful anabolic called Trenbolone.

If you’re not trying to build muscle and you just want to have great workouts and improve your physique then I recommend stacking Dbol with the fat burner Clenbutrol.

This combination will help you get stronger, tone up your physique and destroy fat at the same time.

When will I see gains? You will start to feel the effects very fast. Possibly on the first day. If you combine it with a good workout plan and a good bulking diet then you’ll gain weight your first week.

It really doesn’t take that long to start feeling changes and seeing results with Dbol.

How long will the results last? One of the biggest problem steroid users face is that when they stop taking their juice their gains fade away very quickly.

That’s why some guys are big in the summer and average in the winter.

When you use legal steroids like Dbol you’ll be building pure natural muscle so as long as you continue to workout regularly after you stop taking it you won’t just lose your gains.

The Benefits Of Taking Dbol

Gain muscle faster

By supplementing with this product on your bulk it will help you to build muscle twice as fast. Normal steroids will help you build muscle about 3 times faster which is why they say that it’s about 60% as effective as the real thing.

Also if you’re someone who finds it really hard to put on any muscle at all then this supplement should kick your body into gear and you’ll start making some nice gains.

Here’s a post I found talking about how it helps speed up muscle gains.

So I did a little test with the dbol legal steroids to see if they really work.
30 days without: I ate an extra 1,000 calories per day and lifted weights for a month without using dbol and I gained 4.5 lbs (probably not all muscle.)

30 days with: I then did another 30 days of the exact same workouts and ate an extra 1,000 cals per day but this time I took dbol and at the end of the 30 days I had gained 10.2 lbs and I’d say it was mostly muscle.

So I gained twice as much thanks to dbol and I also found my workouts were a lot better and I felt good in round 2 while I was taking it.

So I guess my results kind of speak for themselves and I think dbol is really good.

Increased strength

One thing that most people find when they start taking Dbol is that they start to feel a lot stronger.

A few days after I started taking it I just felt like the weights I usually use were just too light for me so I needed to start lifting heavier.

This in turn will help you build muscle faster.

Better pumps

When you start taking Dbol I think you’ll be shocked at just how fast you start getting incredible pumps. It’ll help you to start lifting heavier so by the end of every workout you’ll look in the mirror and be gobsmacked at how jacked you look.

Increased energy

One of the best things about Dbol is the increase in energy that you’ll get from it.

When you workout you’ll find that it takes ages to get tired and that you can workout for a lot longer than you used to.

The energy increase doesn’t just occur when you’re working out though. You’ll also find that you feel more energized throughout the day which is a nice feeling.

A lot of people would probably like to take it just for the energy alone. Plus there’s no nasty crashes just a nice smooth energy boost.

More focus

I don’t know about you but in the past I used to get the afternoon slumps a lot where I would just feel tired and feel like I needed sleep.

I noticed that since taking Dbol this afternoon tiredness seemed to disappear and I started feeling super focused.

You’ll feel like your mind is clear and you’ll feel like you can get anything done.

Here’s a message I received recently about increased focusness.

Hey man, just wanted to say I ordered Dbol on your recommendation and I’m already feeling the effects and I only started taking it yesterday.

I’m in college and I have a real problem when it comes to knuckling down and writing papers.

Well this afternoon I felt really focused and I managed to write a 2,500 word essay in under an hour!

I’m going to have my first workout using Dbol this evening so I can’t wait!

Faster recovery

Now personally I also use a post workout recovery powder called Xtend because it has a nice bunch of amino acids in there that will really help boost your recovery time but a lot of people have reported that Dbol helps them recover faster even though they’re working out harder.

Bros, is this dbol from Crazy Bulk supposed to help with recovery? The reason I ask is because I’ve been lifting really heavy since taking it but the next day I don’t feel half as sore as I should.

Personally I’ve found Dbol to be good when it comes to recovery but not great. I still feel a little sore the next day unless I take Xtend.

No needles

A lot of people that have moved on from using real steroids and are now using legal steroids love the fact they they don’t have to stick themselves with needles anymore.


One problem with steroids taken orally is that they tend to be more toxic to the liver than injectables however these legal steroids are made up of natural ingredients that are proven to be healthy for the body so they’re safe and effective.


Of all the supplements sold on the Crazy Bulk website I and many others agree that Dbol is their best product for bulking.

It’s definitely not as powerful as real Dianabol but that just means it’ll take a little longer to reach your goal.

But what you lack in power you make up for in safety and peace of mind knowing that when you stop using it you won’t lose all your gains like you would with Dianabol.

Works fast

The cool thing about D- Bal is that it works fast and you can feel the effects within 24 hours.

Some supplements take days or even weeks before you start to feel them working but with this one you should start to feel changes within a day.

It’s my #1 pick!

I’ve tried all of the Crazy Bulk supplements and a bunch of legal steroids from other makers and of all the products that I’ve tried I honestly feel like Dbol is the best and the most powerful.

If you want something to help you feel great and build muscle faster then this is the stuff to buy from the official website here.Visit Here Where to Buy SARMs Online –Review


How To Get The Best Results With Dbol

To get the best results with Dbol you should definitely combine it with a good workout program and a proper diet.

There’s tons of good bodybuilding workout programs out there today. The one that I like is called the Body Beast program because it covers everything.

It gives you a workout plan specifically for building muscle and it tells you how much and what to eat.

I also shared a nice little workout here and some good bulking diet information here that you may find useful!

If you want to build muscle then all you need to do is eat more and workout hard and Dbol will help you reach your goals faster.

Using It For Bulking

Most people using Dbol for bulking find that they gain about 1.5-2lbs per week which is impressive when you consider that the average natural bodybuilder gains between 0.5-1lb per week.

If your goal is to build muscle then Dbol will help but you still need to take control of your diet.

This means that you should aim to get around 1.4 grams of protein per lb that you weigh per day.
So if you currently weigh 160 then you’ll need about 224 grams of protein per day.

You should also eat a calorie surplus of about 500 calories to make sure that your body is getting all the fuel it needs to grow.

Because Dbol helps you to build muscle faster you don’t need to eat more than 500 extra calories per day because that should be plenty.

Workout Booster

One of the best things about Dbol is how much it improves your workouts. When you workout on this stuff it feels like the weights just become lighter and you feel so much stronger.

You’ll workout for longer too and by the end of it you’ll have a huge pump that looks and feels incredible.

When you start having workouts like this every day it’s unbelievable to see the changes in the mirror.

You’ll look and feel different after just a few days and this will motivate you to keep going because when you see the changes that you can make in a few days you’ll wonder what you can do with a few months.

Using Dbol With A Good Pre Workout

Even though it’s a great product and will help you turbo charge your workouts and build muscle fast I still recommend that you combine it with a good pre workout like this one because this combination will give you the best workouts of your life and you’ll be shocked at how fast you start to see results.

Dbol Reviews

Below are some reviews from real users.

To submit your own please leave a comment in the comments section below.

 Dianabol For Sale (Dbol) Anabolic Steroids

I’m in the best shape of my life now thanks to this!

Just got back to the UK from holiday. I went to Miami and had a great time meeting lots of beautiful women.

I did a bulk and cut using DBOL before I went and was in the best shape of my life. It felt great to get attention from the hotties at the beach!

First day back in the UK and it’s raining lol.


Welcome to PUMP CITY!


It’s like pumpamania at the moment on my arms. My biceps look bigger than I’ve ever seen them. All I’ve been taking is dbol and a pre workout and I’ve been hitting the gym extra hard.

I can’t wait to finish this round of bulking so I can do a cut. I feel like this is going to be my best bulk ever.


Amazing stuff.


I stopped using Dianabol and started using Dbol from a site called Crazy Bulk and it was a good decision as I was sick of all the side effects I was getting from Dianabol. If I’m honest I didn’t fully expect this Dbol stuff to work because it’s made up of natty ingredients so my expectations were low but I am actually surprised at how powerful it is. It’s nowhere near as powerful as real Dianabol but it definitely works and it’s better because there’s no side effects that I’ve noticed.


Will be buying more


After 4 weeks I’m 1 bottle dbol bottle down and I’ve gained 6lbs so far. I need to up my calories a bit but I’ve gained no fat just muscle so it’s all good in the hood baby.

Lucas D.

Mom just asked me if I’ve been taking steroids


My Mom just asked me if I’ve been taking steroids lol because I’ve gained about 10lbs of muscle since I started using dbol. I didn’t really know what to tell her so I just said “no, I’ve just been working out really hard.”

Was I lying? I mean can these Crazy Bulk supps be considered steroids? All I know is I’m happy and getting much more attention from the girls at college. 🙂


Thanks DBOL!


The blonde who I sit next to in maths class just grabbed my arm and said “OMG, have you been working out?”




Thanks DBOL!

J Smith

I can feel myself getting stronger every workout.


I went from curling 20s to curling 28s in 2 weeks thanks to Dbol and Trenorol. I can feel myself getting stronger every workout.




I’m almost finished with my 4 month bulk using Dbol. I originally planned to bulk for 2 months but after 2 months I gained almost no fat so i just decided to carry on.

My starting weight was 144 lbs and after 4 months I weigh in at 179 lbs so that’s a gain of 35 lbs!

I think I need to try and burn off about 10-15 lbs of fat so I can pretty much say that Dbol has helped me gain a solid 20-25 lbs of muscle!

All I can say is that my life has done a complete 180.

I’m getting more respect from my friends and people I don’t know and I’m getting girls numbers a lot more often. They seem to come up and talk to me more now so it’s been a huge confidence boost.

Oh yeah and I just have more energy when I’m taking this and my workouts last a solid hour and a half.

Everytime I finish a workout I look in the mirror and feel like I’ve made gains. I just feel like I look better after every single workout and I feel so much stronger.

The only problem is that I’ve had to buy a bunch of new clothes because my old clothes were way too tight for me.

I can’t wait to burn off some fat so I can really look my best!

You gotta try Dbol it’s great stuff.


Feel free to leave your own review below!

Why Dbol Is My Number 1 Rated Crazy Bulk Product

So I’m somebody who is pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements and especially legal steroids because I know that there are a lot of scam products out there for sale.

So far I’ve found that the only products that really work when it comes to legal steroids are the ones sold by the Crazy Bulk company and of all the products that they sell I believe that Dbol is the best.

You can feel it working in less than 24 hours and it will give you more energy and an increased focus and your workouts will become incredible.

You’ll be amazed at how you feel when you’re on this stuff and if you combine it with a good workout routine and eat those extra calories then it will help you build real muscle twice as fast.


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