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    Diana Daughtry condemns rumors about the death of her daughter Hannah

    talk. Chris DaughtryWife of, Diana Daughtry, Now open for ongoing investigations Sudden death of her daughter Hannah..

    “There was news that we said the death of our daughter was being investigated as a murder,” said a massage therapist, 47. Instagram Friday, November 19th, with a retrospective photo of my deceased daughter. “We didn’t say that and didn’t tell anyone! The day Hannah was found, I shared some concerns I had with some people I knew and We certainly didn’t know anything until they completed the investigation. Someone received it and did it or talked to someone else and he made an assumption … we No one can jump to a conclusion. “

    Diana Daughtry. Daughtry / Instagram Courtesy

    She continued. “It’s one thing to have questions and concerns, but harassing someone and calling them a murderer before all the facts are revealed is wrong at all levels, regardless of their history. If you have any information that you think you should know about this, tell them and let them do the job. I lost my child and now I have to deal with rumors and beliefs about her. Hmm.”

    Songwriters are even more of their family The process of sadness After the death of 25 years old.

    “People who loved her are suffering and we are mourning. They are not talking to the media. They are not spreading rumors. And they are hell making this about themselves. I’m sure it’s not, “she added in a social media upload. “So stop everyone! Leave the job to the investigators. Remember that a fragment of someone’s life does not define who they really are as a person. Hannah has been for 25 years. There’s a lot more to her story about being on this planet with us [than] What you are reading. I loved my daughter so much, and I’m experiencing the deepest emotional pain I’ve ever felt! “

    Diana — Who got married American idol In front of Alum in November 2000 Welcome twins Adarin and Noah, Now 10 — before Confirmed the death of the eldest daughter on Saturday, November 13..

    “My first birth. Hannah loves you forever,” she captioned the Instagram gallery of family photos at the time. “Our family is grateful for the love they gave us, sadly for losing their daughter Hannah. We see how Hannah suffered the injury that caused her death. We are waiting for the autopsy results to make a decision. Our heart is broken. “

    The 41-year-old “It’s Not Over” crooner postponed the show on Friday night and went home in the news.He revealed later He was “still processing” their losses Through a candid Instagram post on Sunday, November 14th.

    “I’m completely devastated and grieving,” the Grammy nominee captioned his post. “I recently lost my mother to cancer, but I had the opportunity to say goodbye and dealt with it privately. We never said goodbye to the precious Hannah, and It’s another big hit for our family … it’s taking time now [to] Stay with my family as we try to heal from this catastrophic loss. “

    Diana — 23 years old with daughter Hannah and son Griffin. With past partners — Friday’s Instagram message made it even more open about their loss.

    “Stop getting worse for us who love her by spreading rumors and saying bad things about our family,” she added. “We are real people! Just because my husband is in public service does not mean that it is okay. Thank you to the beautiful people who have sent prayer, love and kindness during this time. We cannot contact you individually, but we would like to thank people like you. “

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    Diana Daughtry condemns rumors about the death of her daughter Hannah

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