Developing bioactive coatings for better orthopaedic implants


Graphical abstraction. Credit: DOI: 10.1016 / j.jcis.2021.08.199

Bioactive coatings play an important role in the success of implants such as knees and hips. This is because its properties elicit a healthy biological response. PhD students Imran Deen and Professor Federico Rosei of the Institut National de la recherche scientifique (INRS) are working on coatings that mimic bone tissue.

“Traditional metal, ceramic, or Polymer implant Biologically active properties are limited. The Healing process It is time consuming and can increase the risk of rejection. It is very important to develop a new generation of implant materials that facilitate compatibility and integration, “says Professor Rosei.

Bioactive substance

The research team is working on state-of-the-art coatings based on three bioactive materials. Chitosan contained in shrimp shells has an antibacterial effect. Collagen, an organic component of bone, promotes cell migration and growth. Copper-doped glass phosphate also stimulates blood vessel formation and bone reconstruction.

“The ability to deposit such coatings enables the possibility of making implants with adjusted biological properties. Biomedical application, Because these coatings can provide better implant-host interaction, “said Imran Deen, a PhD student.

Innovative deposition method

Team use Electrophoretic deposition For coating. The Implant It functions as an electrode on which particles of bioactive substances are deposited and forms a layer. This method does not compromise the structure and properties of the bioactive substance. Also, unlike other deposition processes currently in use, it can be used in complex shapes at standard ambient temperatures and pressures without the use of expensive equipment.

This process is also versatile, as sedimentation can be easily adapted to a particular application. For example, this technique can be applied to hydrophilic and antibacterial coatings, bone surface reconstruction, or biologically and chemically inert coatings. This product can be used in the manufacture of coronary or venous stents, bone grafts, or to prevent bacterial and thus biological infections in the medical environment.

The next step is to carry out additional research, especially biologically, to validate the proof of concept.Cell proliferation on the surface before this type of coating was used in clinical applications coating It should be measured and evaluated for tissue adhesions in vivo.

Article by Imran Deen, Gurpreet Singh Selopal, Zhiming M. Wang, Federico Rosei “Electrophoretic deposition of collagen / chitosan film with copper-doped phosphate glass for orthopedic implants” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science..

Polymer-based coatings on metal implants improve bone and implant integration

For more information:
Imran Deen et al, Electrophoretic deposition of collagen / chitosan film with copper-doped phosphate glass for orthopedic implants, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.jcis.2021.08.199

Provided by Institut National de la recherchescientifique-INRS

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