Detective at Josh Duggar Trial Presents Horrifying Video; Anna Flees the Courtroom



The following article contains graphic details of what Josh Duggar has been accused of downloading from his work computer during the three days of May 2019.

On Wednesday morning, on the first day of actual testimony at Dagger’s child pornography possession trial, the prosecution called the first witness to the stand.

Detective Amber Kalmer vowed and vowed to only tell the truth in front of judges and juries.

Kalmer explained how the software used at work can warn when sexual graphics material is downloaded from a particular IP address.

About two and a half years ago, Duggar’s aforementioned computer was flagged by this software.

For what?

The convicted lawyer warned the jury before delving into the details, according to a Sun reporter in court.

Josh Duggar is the worst

“You will see images of children around the age of seven. These children have been sexually assaulted, infringed and exploited,” he said.

Materials allegedly downloaded by Dagger include “movie files of women aged 7-9 and 65 still images of girls aged 7-8 ending in a cage.”

The prosecution went on to say that Josh was responsible for downloading these materials and received both. When I own videos and photos.

“Please hold him accountable,” they demanded from the jury.

Photo of Josh Duggar

After delivering this message, the team called Kalmer to the stand.

The detective said he contacted the Department of Homeland Security after finding a movie file of “65 still images of a woman aged 7-9 and a girl aged 7-8” on Josh Duggar’s computer. cage. “

At some point, a clip from one of these videos was played in court.

This video depicts the abuse of two naked young women … an adult man is invading.

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

Notably here, Josh’s wife, Anna Dagger, was present during the Tuesday and Wednesday trials.

However, spectators say she left the courtroom shortly before the video began playing.

Elsewhere (both Kalmer’s testimony and the testimony of Special Agent Gerald Falkner of the Land Security Investigation), the trial reveals how authorities obtained a digital smuggling investigation warrant in May 2019. Did.

Immediately after being contacted by a federal representative, Josh asked, “Who is downloading child pornography?”

Josh Duggar Back in the Day

Recordings of Dagger’s discussions with these agents were performed for the jury.

In addition, a forensic analysis was performed on the computer of the car dealership where Josh worked and then sent to Washington, DC for further investigation.

Prosecutors claimed that the computer was password protected, including the name. Joshua..

“This case is factual,” the prosecution added in the opening statement, adding that “evidence” and “common sense” would prove that Dagger was guilty of these horrific charges.

Anna Dagger and her terrible husband

Other important information from the first two days of the Josh Duggar trial:

How did Josh’s family respond to the start of this trial, which is due to end next week?

Josh Duggar in the game

Austin Forsyth was found to be actually attending Wednesday, but Amy Dagger shared a fairly pointed meme on Instagram.

“Today is a heavy day. This week will be. It will be next week. Until justice is offered,” she wrote in a gloomy Instagram story.

“Revenge is my Lord, I will repay you,” she added.

“Pray for the victims and for the truth to be revealed. The judge makes the final decision.. “

Detective at Josh Duggar Trial Presents Horrifying Video; Anna Flees the Courtroom Source link Detective at Josh Duggar Trial Presents Horrifying Video; Anna Flees the Courtroom

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