Despite where the corpse was found, the driver was holding the steering wheel in a Tesla crash


Detroit — The driver Tesla’s electric car crashed and burned near Houston last April, Killed two men, but neither was found in the driver’s seat.

America National Transportation Safety Board We announced our findings in an update to our research report released Thursday in a crash on a residential road in Spring, Texas on April 17.

First responders found one man in the back seat and another man in the passenger seat, NTSB He said both the driver and passengers were in the front seats, with the belt buckled during the collision.

According to the agency, the car was driving up to 67 mph and the driver was accelerating in the five seconds leading up to the crash. According to NTSB reports, the accelerator pedal was sometimes depressed by as much as 98.8%, according to data from an event data recorder damaged by a car fire.

Investigation is ongoing, authorities Tesla The autopilot’s partially automated driver assistance system was running at the time of the crash. The NTSB said it was still investigating the autopilot on drivers’ toxicology tests and other items to see if men had problems getting out of the car. The agency will make those decisions in the final report.

According to the update report, the seatbelt was damaged by the crash, but it was unclear how and why the driver removed the seatbelt and changed the seat position. Tesla Model S High voltage lithium ion battery If a fire breaks out.

The deadly trip began at the owner’s house near the end of the dead end, and a home security video showed the owner entering the driver’s seat and the passengers entering the passenger seat, the report said. I did. After traveling about 550 feet, the car left the road on a curve, crossed a curb, and hit a drainage culvert, a raised manhole, and a tree.

The crash occurred around 9:07 pm on Hammock Dunes Place, a two-lane residential road. Both the 59-year-old owner and the 69-year-old passenger were killed.

The NTSB said in a preliminary report in May that it was unable to fully use the Autopilot driver assistance system because it tested another Tesla vehicle on the same road. Investigators were unable to activate the system’s automatic steering system, but were able to use Traffic Aware Cruise Control.

Both cruise control and automatic steering are required for the autopilot to work. Traffic-aware cruise control allows you to keep your car at a safe distance from the car in front of it while Autosteer keeps it in its own lane. According to the report, there were no lanes on the road either. That may be the reason why the automatic steering did not work.

The agency says it intends to issue safety advisories to prevent similar conflicts.

According to the local government, one man was found in the passenger seat and one man in the back seat.

Harris County District 4 Constable Mark Herman said when the car was driving at high speed. He doesn’t say if there is evidence that someone has tampered with Tesla’s system to monitor the driver detecting the force from the steering wheel’s hands. The system issues a warning and eventually shuts down the car if it does not detect a hand. However, critics say Tesla’s system can be fooled and can take up to a minute to shut down.

Consumer report He said he could easily trick Tesla in in April Drive in autopilot mode where no one is driving..

The NTSB, which has no regulatory agency and can only make recommendations, National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau On the probe. NHTSA You have the authority to create vehicle safety regulations. According to the NTSB, the federal investigation is being conducted at the same time as the parallel investigation by the local government.

The Texas crash raised the question of whether the autopilot was working at the time, and whether Tesla was enough to make sure the driver was engaged. The company states in its Owner’s Manual and its website that Autopilot is a driver assistance system and drivers need to be ready to take action at any time.

Tesla’s vice president of automotive engineering, Lars Moraby, said at a conference call on April 26 at the company that he examined a badly burned car and found that the steering wheel was deformed. At the time of the crash. He said all seat belts were found loose.

Tesla CEO on Twitter in April Elon Musk The datalog that the autopilot of the crashed show wasn’t turned on and that “fully autonomous driving” wasn’t purchased for the vehicle in the Texas crash says it “recovered so far.” He did not answer the reporter’s question raised on Twitter.

NHTSA has stepped up its investigation into Tesla Autopilot. In August, we launched a formal investigation of the system. A series of collisions with a parked emergency vehicle..

The survey covers 765,000 vehicles, almost everything Tesla has sold in the United States since the launch of the 2014 model. Of the accidents identified as part of the investigation, 17 were injured and one died.

NHTSA has collided with vehicles since 2018 when autopilot or traffic-aware cruise control Tesla has used first responder flashing lights, flares, illuminated arrow boards, or danger cones. It states that it has identified the crash.

Despite where the corpse was found, the driver was holding the steering wheel in a Tesla crash

Source link Despite where the corpse was found, the driver was holding the steering wheel in a Tesla crash

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