Deploy a Frontrun Bot on PancakeSwap NOW and Start making Money (No Downloads) [Updated 01/07/2022]



The new minimum ammount needed for the bot to work properly is now 0.4 BNB due to higher transaction fees and BNB price increase. Lower than 0.4 BNB will just burn your funds. Also you have to be on Mainnet or this wont work.

In this video I am showcasing how to run and deploy a LEAKED $5000 Front Running bot written with Solidity. With this, you will be able to passively generate thousands a day, all from the comfort of your own home. Remember, keep this video low-key! We dont want many people to find out and take away our profits.

The way front running bots work is very simple:
– Bots locate any new liquidity added to a BSC token
– Bots immediately buy milliseconds before the confirmation of liquidity
– Then sell seconds after for guaranteed profit
– 90% of the profit is sent back to your wallet, 10% is kept for the next transaction

Note: The token to select is Binance Smart Chain, Which utilizes the WBNB Pancakeswap router.

== LINKS ==

Metamask :

Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain :…

Remix :

Smart Contract : (Copy and Paste as it is)

Step by Step Guide :

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