Denver’s shooting suspect wrote a book explaining a similar attack | Denver


A man accused of rampaging and killing five people Denver It is believed that he nominated some of his actual victims and published a fictional book online at his own expense explaining a similar attack.

According to Denver police spokesman Doug Shepman, the text is one of the investigations into why Lindon James McCloud carried out shootings in several locations around the metro area on Monday within an hour. It is a department.

According to police, Macleod, 47, knew most of the people he shot through business and personal relationships. Four of those shots were attacked at a tattoo shop. In addition to those killed, two others were injured, including a police officer who shot and killed Macleod after being beaten.

In the first novel, written under the pseudonym Roman McRae, a character named Lindon sneaks into a poker party hosted by a character named “Michael Swinyard” and pretends to be a police officer to access a building near Cheeseman Park. He then shoots everyone deadly at the party and robs them of them before escaping with the dog in a van.

According to police, the attack on Monday killed 67-year-old Michael Swinyard at a house near Cheesman Park in Denver.

In his second novel, which also features a character named Lindon, McRae nominates Alicia Cardenas as a victim. The book also mentions the Sol tribe of her tattoo shop.

Alicia Cardenas, a 44-year-old tattoo artist, was one of his first victims of the Monday rampage. She was killed in her tattoo shop with another woman, Alyssa Gunn, 35.

Cardenas, whose daughter is 12 years old, described herself as a “proud indigenous artist” and also painted murals.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said in a press conference Tuesday that MacLeod was under the supervision of law enforcement agencies and was investigated in both 2020 and 2021.

Matt Clark, commander of the Major Crimes Division at the Denver Police Station, said Macleod knew most of the people he was aiming for, but the last person to shoot, a hotel clerk in the Bellmer shopping area of ​​Lakewood. Said he didn’t know. However, Clark said Macleod had some transactions with the hotel.

A 28-year-old hotel clerk, Sarah Stick, died of her injury on Tuesday.

Steck graduated from Metropolitan State University this year with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. According to The Denver Post, she was known among her hotel colleagues for her infectious laughter and love for kittens, art and music.

Immediately after the shooting at the Cardenas store, Macleod forced his path into the home of the business. According to city records, it is licensed as a tattoo shop. According to Clark, he tracked residents through the building and fired, but no one was injured. Then he shot and killed the Swinyard near Cheeseman Park, Clark said.

Later, Denver police tracked vehicles that were believed to have been involved in the shooting, and police officers engaged in a gunshot battle with Macleod, Clark said. He said Macleod was able to escape to Lakewood after the shooting had disabled the officer’s cruiser.

Shortly before 6 pm, the Lakewood Police Department was informed that it had been fired at the Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop. 38-year-old Danny Scofield was killed there, according to Lakewood police spokesman John Romero.

According to the site collecting money for his family, Scofield was three fathers.
According to Romero, shops lined up on the sidewalk in a modern version of downtown when police found a car suspected of being involved in a shooting in Belmar’s shopping area.

He is said to have escaped and threatened some people at a restaurant with a gun before going to the Hyatt House Hotel. So he briefly talked to Stick before shooting her.

About a minute later, Lakewood police officer Ashley Feliz saw Macleod and ordered him to drop his weapon. She was shot in the abdomen, but counterattacked and killed the shooter.

Feliz had surgery on Monday night and is expected to recover completely.

“I can’t fully emphasize the heroic behavior of Lakewood police officers,” Romero said at a press conference on Tuesday. “When shot, when faced with danger, she was able to not only save others from this horrific tragedy, but also neutralize the threat.”

Denver’s shooting suspect wrote a book explaining a similar attack | Denver

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