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    Denver man recovers from ‘flurona,’ 11 cases confirmed in state – Denver, Colorado

    Denver, Colorado 2022-01-14 23:23:23 –

    Denver — Many people are now hearing about the informal term “Flurona” used to describe coinfections of both influenza and coronavirus.

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment confirmed on Friday that there have been 11 identified cases of “flu” among hospitalized patients since the start of the influenza season in October.

    Jamie Grayson, who lives in Denver, was in New York when he began to notice his symptoms.

    “I developed this cough.” Something is so strange that it doesn’t feel like a normal sore throat, “Grayson said.

    He immediately went to see a doctor and was tested for both influenza and coronavirus. Sure enough, he was positive about both.

    Grayson canceled his return flight in mid-December and was quarantined at the hotel for 10 days.

    “For a few days it was really like a terrible night sweat and a terrible sore throat and a cough, and then it was a kind of petering and a cough, and I now have the rest of it.”

    According to Dr. Eric Hill, an emergency physician at the Aurora Medical Center, the incidence of coinfections confirmed in the state is only 11, but it could be much higher.

    “The incidence is almost guaranteed … it will be much higher than what we actually tested, because we usually don’t test for the flu,” Hill said.

    Symptoms can change within the rapidly spreading subspecies of Omicron.

    Omicron variants … seem to be related to the upper respiratory system, “Hill said.Therefore, you could potentially hit both [at the] At the same time, you can get sick. “

    But Hill points out that all cases are different because the limited number of clearly identified cases in the state makes it difficult for doctors to study their symptoms and their effects on patients. I am.

    For Grayson, the “Furrona” match did not cause any complications.

    “I didn’t feel like the symptoms doubled or became wild,” Grayson said. “I just drank a lot of water and saw the food network.”

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    Denver man recovers from ‘flurona,’ 11 cases confirmed in state Source link Denver man recovers from ‘flurona,’ 11 cases confirmed in state

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