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    Denizen is building high-tech office pods for the perfect workday – TechCrunch

    Small homes may have lost some of their brilliance during the COVID era, but the rethinking future of remotework may require small offices.

    According to Nick Foley Denizen Founders and CEOs have recently eagerly wanted to think of a quiet space. And they are willing to pay for it.

    Foley is a former Chief Product Officer and Industrial Design Director of JumpBikes, a bicycle sharing company acquired by Uber for $ 200 million in 2018. With Denizen, he is trying to answer one question. “Can you build an office space as a product that is an amazing experience for one person to do the perfect job?”

    Foley thinks WeWork is doing some wrong with how to optimize its work environment. While many people enjoy the social benefits of coworking, a busy environment full of workers focused on different projects can adversely affect the kind of flow conditions that some work requires. There is sex.

    Image credit: Nick Foley and David Krawczyk

    Denizen’s solution is a small pre-built small independent office with outlets, USB plugs, cameras (for video conferences), speakers, integrated routers, and even whiteboard walls all packed in less than 100 square feet. Is to build an army. Feet.Denizen’s office pods are beautifully designed, with windows that become opaque in seconds to protect your privacy, recyclable materials, and the perfect aesthetic for Dwell’s home (actually). Introduced at DwellOf course it was).

    “The ceiling is really high and the glass is around you. It just feels vast and huge,” says Foley, and Denizen provides people with the tools they need for an “exciting and productive work day.” Is to do. And they are not just beautiful concept images. A friend of Foley, who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, provided a virtual tour of his own Denisen-built micro-workspace.

    Denizen initially planned only to provide prefabricated office pods to employers. Employers were able to rent them on a monthly subscription basis. However, the demand from those working from home and those looking for alternatives was so great that the company now sells a stand-alone office with wheels to individuals who can keep it at home. I am planning to do that. One of Denizen’s beautiful, high-tech small offices will regain about $ 55,000 as an individual.

    Foley considers the Denizen model to fit a company’s COVID-era real estate plans. As fewer workers come to the office, businesses are shrinking the expensive and often vast campuses that have long defined them, looking for more flexible and custom options that are better suited to the future of work. For employers with bulk transactions, Foley expects each smart pod to rent about $ 1,000 per month.

    Image credit: Nick Foley and David Krawczyk

    Pods can complement traditional offices with exciting solo office settings, but Foley puts a cluster of Denisen office pods in a green space that one day even businesses and city governments can book daily. I want to do it.

    “The real dream is, to be honest, very much like a jump bike … working together at the neighborhood level to come up with a way to make these really great shared amenities,” Foley said.

    The company is currently raising a seed round of funding and is signing up for companies in the Bay Area of ​​California and farther away for multi-unit testing, which will begin in early 2022. Manufacturing experience to properly manufacture products.

    Because the smart pods are wheeled, Denizen smartly avoids many of the headaches that Foley’s team can get stuck in. “I understand that it can complicate the business model,” Foley quotes from his experience in setting up kiosks and parking lots. Jump bike structure.

    Instead of navigating maze-like regional regulations, anyone with an area of ​​12 x 7.5 feet and plenty of cash can go directly into one of the small pod offices to get to work. increase. From a regulatory point of view, it’s basically a beautiful little RV with no plumbing.

    Foley is excited about how his vision fits into the future of work, but also the literal point of putting together a small office in Denizen. For pod office production, large-scale CNC automation, 3D printing and sophisticated product design are integrated into pre-manufactured products that can be shipped to all of West Coast’s early customers, wheels and more.

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