Demon Slayer season 2 — Mugen Train Arc episode 2 recap: Dreams, hearts and spirits


Kamado Shrine is hugging his younger brother in a dream.

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I’m on an infinite train. Kamado Shrine and the gang finally meet Kyojuro Renkoku on the train, and Renkoku takes down the lunch box received from Fuku and Grandma in Episode 1 with a scarf.

Kamado Charcoal admits that the flames are a little eccentric, but the scent of the nations gives off a strong sense of justice. Tanjiro certainly smells weird … I’m honestly jealous. As usual, Zenitsu Agatsuma is surprised to hear the devil lurking, but Inosuke wants to compete with this monster called the train, and exudes a maniac self who hits the window.

Primarily, this episode contains much of what we’ve seen before in the movie, but for those who are new to infinite trains, let’s summarize and talk about what’s new.

Note: Spoilers first!


A stellar shot of the republic and Kamado Charcoal at the beginning of the opening theme.

Ufotable, Aniplex, Shueisha

New intro and outro

This is the latest content I received this week.

LiSA, who sang the original Demon Slayer theme song Gurenge, is back to sing the opening and ending of this arc. The opening theme is called Akeboshi, and the song begins with a strong and beautiful string melody. The ending theme is called Shirogane. It’s a bit more hype than the opener for a fast-paced song, but it blends LiSA’s signature rock anthem feel with more string melodies.

The biggest opening and ending is a scene that I have never seen in an infinite train movie. Includes a shot of the infant Kyojuro Renkoku overlooking his younger brother Chijuro Renkoku. You can also see that adult Kyojuro teaches Chijuro when he gets older.

Well, as part of Kyojuro’s dream, I briefly met Senjuro in the movie of Infinite Train, but the scene included in the opening of Kimetsu no Yaiba was not included in the movie. This could mean that some of the new scenes promised at Infinite Train Ark could be an extension of Kyojuro’s dream and provide a deeper inside story of Kyojuro and his brother Senjuro. There is sex.


The opening theme of Kamado Shrine and the nation.

Ufotable, Aniplex, Shueisha

Emm’s raid begins

A boring conductor hits a passenger’s card, but it was later revealed that he was working for the devil Emm, just like any other kid who wanted Emm to be magical. Enma is a subordinate of Twelve Kizuki and is the same demon who received the blood of Onimaitsuji at the end of Season 1.


Enma at the top of the infinite train, ready to attack.

Ufotable, Aniplex, Shueisha

Emm’s Blood Devil’s Art allows him to put his victims to sleep and even curate their dreams under his spells-from happiness to horror.

From the infinite train movie, you can see that the gangster’s sleep spell is cast the moment the conductor hits the card. So, yes, unfortunately, that amazing Rengak behavior we see is really just a dream-but who’s dream was it? Perhaps Rengok, given that the gang calls him “brother” while Rengok is laughing.

Slayer is sleeping and vulnerable. The children working for Emm carry on their dreams and connect themselves to the murderers to destroy their spiritual core. “The driving force of human beings is the mind, the spirit! All you have to do is destroy the spiritual nucleus, and you can kill them that way,” Emm said on the Mugentrain. Ride on and scream empty.


Kamado Shrine and gangsters attack the nation.

Ufotable, Aniplex, Shueisha

Tanjiro’s dream

That was what Tanjiro first wanted, making him a powerful member of the Devil’s Hitman’s core, a safe and happy family. Tanjiro’s deep sleep is a snowy mountain where he grew up with his family, selling coal when he is old enough to bring him back to his old form.

When Kamado Shrine sees his younger brother Hanako and Shigeru, he drops his sword, runs up, hugs him, and hugs him with tears. It must be good to see them again.

Tanjiro also sees Mamakie and his younger brother Rokuda at home.

There are no signs of a cat yet, but we know she will appear in a later episode because there is a big moment with her in the Mugentrain movie.


Kamado Shrine regains his old appearance in a dream.

Ufotable, Aniplex, Shueisha

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