Democrats try to be ashamed of McConnell as Republicans delve into debt caps


When the problem finally surfaced, in August 2019, Congress and President Donald J. Trump suspended debt restrictions until July 31, this year. On August 2, the Treasury reset its debt limit to $ 28.4 trillion, and the government went bankrupt a few days later, less than seven months after President Biden’s term.

Second, raising the debt cap will almost certainly require at least the acquiescence of Senate Republicans to overcome filibuster and move on to voting. McConnell wants the Democratic Party to add a debt cap hike to its social policy bill. The bill is being drafted under budgetary rules passed by the Senate with 51 votes.

But the Democrats said a few weeks ago they wouldn’t. Given the difficulty of reaching a nearly unanimous Democratic agreement on the bill, and the set of procedural obstacles they must clear, it’s on the House and Senate floors in time to avoid defaults. Is probably impossible to reach.

Democrats say they helped Mr. Trump and Republican leaders deal with debt restrictions, and that fairness is now determining transpartisanness, especially on such consequential issues. Therefore, a shame campaign.

“”If Senators McConnell and Republicans choose to avoid paying the debt they have accumulated under President Trump, it will devastate the economy and irreparable our financial position, their party, and themselves. It will hurt your credibility. Majority leader New York said Wednesday. “Senator McConnell has resigned as the first person to enforce defaults in history, and all Americans will know that Senate Republicans are responsible.”

McConnell is not the only target of the Democratic Party. They say they understand that other Senate Republicans, such as Mitt Romney in Utah, Susan Collins in Maine, and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, are at stake. Democratic leaders are likely to attach debt cap increases to emergency spending bills that include rebuilding hurricane Ida, wildfire management, and funding resettlement for Afghan refugees. After that, Republican Senators from Louisiana, Idaho, and Montana and other interested members will dare to vote by this month.

Reputation aside, McConnell lost before. In 2015, Senate voted against his decisive opposition Reduce federal government after September. 11 Monitoring US telephone records. He vowed to oppose the Senate resolution this year to give the Democrats control of the Capitol unless the new majority promises to protect the legislative filibuster. Then he blinked.

Democrats try to be ashamed of McConnell as Republicans delve into debt caps

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