Delta variants were detected in 99% of US cases, according to the CDC


Coronavirus delta variants have overtaken other parts of the United States, accounting for more than 99% of cases currently being followed in the United States, according to the latest biweekly report of sequence data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. increase.

The variant is the same as the one linked to Infection surges in the UK and India this spring and summerThe outbreak resurfaced, after the cases appeared to be decreasing.Delta variant This summer is also contributing to the outbreak in the United States, Because many people resisted the Covid-19 vaccine.

The latest figures highlight the infectivity of the subspecies, from just over a quarter of the cases by mid-June to almost complete dominance in September.

“It’s highly infectious, so it’s not unexpected, but it reminds us of the need for continued vigilance,” he said. Dr. Saskia Popesque, Epidemiologist and associate professor at George Mason University.

NS CDC COVID Data TrackerReporting the results for the two weeks ending September 11, Delta’s B.1.617.2 strains accounted for 99.4% of the variants of concern, while the other two Delta strains accounted for 0.2% and 0.1%. Tracked, Mu variants are 0.1% and 0.2% of some other unidentified variants, all for the same period. The results are based on thousands of sequences provided weekly through CDC’s national genome monitoring efforts, the agency’s website says.

Country I recently experienced an increase in hospitalization Despite the availability of vaccines, delta mutants have been cited as a cause of viral progress.

“Because delta variants are more easily transmitted among all people, adults and children, more children are now seen in hospitals.” Dr. Anthony S. Forch, the nation’s top infectious disease doctor, told The New York Times..

Popesque said the rise of the Delta should help Americans and health officials realize that the coronavirus remains a serious public health threat.

“The biggest part is,” Be vigilant. ” It requires continuous monitoring, genomic sequencing, access to testing, and public health intervention, “says Popesque.

She said vaccination and wearing a mask would help.

“We are infected with very limited exposure, which means that we are at much higher risk, for example, when we are out of the office or around others, without a mask,” Popesque said. Mr. says.

Delta variants were detected in 99% of US cases, according to the CDC

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