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    Delta still dominates say experts urging third jab

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    Who are the vaccines effective in stopping people who catch the newly discovered and rapidly spreading Omicron variant of COVID-19, or how well they protect them from serious illness? I don’t even know.

    Lab testing is underway to determine Vaccine efficacy Results are expected within a few weeks against Omicron.

    Meanwhile, the Delta variant remains predominant, expert, government, and vaccination Manufacturers are encouraging people to use booster jabs where they are available.

    Delta has been shown to evade vaccine protection against infections than alpha, beta, and gamma COVID variants.

    But jabs continue to be very effective in prevention Severe illness From Delta, reduce the risk of overwhelming hospital resources.

    Delta is still dominant in Europe and some countries are trying to accelerate their third jab campaign.

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set a goal of providing boosters to all adults by the end of January and reducing the waiting period between the second and third jabs from six months to three months. ..

    In the United States, Pfizer is seeking permission to give jabs as boosters aged 16 and 17.

    “It would be a serious mistake to slow down now,” said Alain Fisher, who coordinates France’s pandemic vaccine strategy.

    “Don’t be surprised at our message. The plan is the same. We will speed up the management of our third booster shot,” BioNTech co-founder Uğur Shahin said on Tuesday.

    However, Moderna chief Stephane Bancel told the Financial Times this week that he expects the shots to be “significantly less effective” for the new variant.

    Lab tests are underway to measure Omicron’s vulnerability to the vaccines currently in use. This process should give you results in a couple of weeks.

    Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Modana each say they have begun developing new versions of the vaccine, specifically targeting Omicron, in case the existing jab doesn’t work.

    When Delta arrived at the scene, Pfizer developed a jab specifically for variants, but never deployed it.

    Bruno Canard, a coronavirus expert at the French National Center for Scientific Research CNRS, said, “The lab has come to rely on the fact that jabs are protected from severe COVID, but it is still possible to circulate the virus. I am doing it. “

    Pfizer promised a new vaccine within 100 days, but it will take much longer to deploy and will not be implemented by spring, Canard said.

    “In the meantime, current vaccines protect against severe forms of COVID from the Delta. Mutant.. ”

    Pfizer is already working on a Covid vaccine targeting Omicron: CEO

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