DeepMind co-founder leaves Google for venture capital firm


DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman left Google seven years after the pioneering UK business made breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, but the technology was ethical by a huge U.S. owner. I had a hard time guaranteeing that it would be used in.

Suleyman was one of the three founders of DeepMind, founded in the United Kingdom in 2010. bought $ 500 million in 2014 by Google. On Thursday, he left the company to become a partner in Silicon Valley venture capital firm Gray Rock after an sometimes controversial tenure, including complaints from aggressive management-style staff.

DeepMind department Works with arm length From the owner, we are trying to maintain the research spirit that isolates it from commercial pressure and come up with its strong AI governance structure.

The first attempt by DeepMind to set up an independent AI ethics board to oversee its work took time to get going. The company then failed to try to build a legal structure that would increase its independence within Google.

Speak in Recorded interview Together with Gray Rock’s partner Reid Hoffman, released Thursday, Sreyman said: We believe that fundamental experimentation is essential here. “

“We have tried different oversight committees, different ethical charters, different types of research,” he added.

However, he describes the broader efforts of the technology industry in this area: It has an important influence in shaping how people reach their world, not just what happens to them. “

Google itself has I had a hard time Learn how to introduce checks and balances into AI development.Independent AI Ethics Committee Plan Founder A staff member protesting the composition of the body and two responsible persons for the company’s AI ethics I left the company In criticism of how they handle their work.

Suleyman lost some of his responsibilities after receiving complaints from DeepMind workers about his style of management, Take a position At Google’s headquarters in California.

Dealing with staff complaints, he said. I was very demanding and quite relentless. He added that he set “quite unreasonable expectations”, which led to “a very harsh environment for some people.” I am very sorry about the effects that caused people and the scars they felt there. “

DeepMind led by co-founder Demis HassabisIn 2016, when one of its systems defeated the World Champion, it solidified its reputation as one of the leaders in deep learning. Board game go..

2020 research predicting using AI How proteins fold The transformation into various forms was foretold as a milestone that could lead to progress in areas such as drug discovery.


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