Dealing with the war at the doorstep of Europe breaks through a series of unsuccessful crises over a decade


MeT took four The jockey defeats God’s apocalyptic punishment. The biblical wrath conveyed by two of them will sound familiar to Europeans exhausted by illness and the current war in Ukraine. But a mere quartet steed would not have been enough to bring disaster. EU I had to fight in the last 10 years or so. At that time, there were more than five crises on the continent. In addition to the battle between covid-19 and its gateway, Europe was hit by a prolonged slump in the euro area, with an immediate immigration emergency followed by Brexit. Any normal regime will be worn out by living in an almost permanent crisis mode for a long time, especially since episodes rarely show. EU In its best condition. Only the war in Ukraine was skillfully handled by Brock remotely.Is there a possibility EU Did you learn how to keep the problem from turning into a real drama?

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The crisis occupies a special place in the minds of believers in European projects. Jean Monnet, EUThe closest thing to the patron saint of his founding father and Brussels was that the political arrangements of the continent were “counterfeited in the crisis and the sum of the solutions adopted in those crises.” Like most religious parables, this is not entirely true. The most notable shunt of the block from the euro to the unprecedented close coalition to the single market by open border was agreed without imminent meltdown concerns. But the crisis helps to confuse the status quo. The temporary confusion they bring makes it possible to generate new ideas. Apply sufficient pressure. In Europe, it can mean a view of the entire building. EU Collapse — And what was politically unthinkable yesterday is inevitable tomorrow.

Therefore, the eurozone crisis was once the result- Redundancy Sovereign bail and enhanced central bank. Due to the surge in immigrants across the Mediterranean in 2015 EU Recruit police officers with their own guns and patrol their outer borders. The economic defeat brought about by covid-19 saw the creation of a jointly-guaranteed recovery fund of a kind that could not even be made possible by the prolonged eurozone turmoil. In each case, the rush to “more Europe” came after the new situation became unspeakable for normal business. In the Brussels corridor, Eurocrat lamented the crisis of the day and knew it was an opportunity to deepen its integration. In situations other than the overnight summit, can leaders break their red line and agree to a federal leap in the hope of being released into a hotel room?

If you can find a trend, it means that Europe is dealing with the crisis fairly well over time. No one is proud of how the euro has been saved these days. Instead, I missed many opportunities to avoid the meltdown in the first place. The surge in immigrants in 2015 was nothing more than that. The dispute over how to treat refugees from war-torn countries has shown that Europe is the most fragmented and unfriendly. Brexit, relatively speaking, EU Adjustment. Maintaining the forefront of unified Brit Bashing must have reduced the risk of other countries leaving, but at the expense of still harmful relationships with important neighbors. The European covid-19 response has been touted as a success in Brussels, but many citizens will not forget the delay in the arrival of the vaccine. EU I was asked to buy for them.

About the current batch of EU Leaders and bureaucrats dealing with Ukraine, in other words, bars are low. Overall, they did a good job. Riding the wave of sanctions, Russia was hurt enough to scream.Weapons, some of them were paid for EU Money has found a way to their east, along with cash to keep Kyiv’s government running. Refugees were welcomed with their arms open. The Ukrainian power grid was rushed to Europe to free it from the Russian power grid. This is a nasty operation that usually took a year, but was stopped in two weeks. The United States sold a lot like the United Kingdom. But Europe has rarely blushed so far.

Why improve? The nature of the situation is part of it. War is exactly what European projects were designed to make impossible. The nearby resurrection has helped to build unity. Also, armed conflict is not suitable for kicking the can. This is a customary sin in Europe.With all accounts EUThe agency did a good job of paving the way for the national capital to approve sanctions.That all packages were slogans — the sixth package focused on Russian oil was launched as follows: economist I went to the press — Brussels EUThe various member states of are willing to go. Could Europe have done more? Sure, but it may have done less again.

Later apocalypse

A striking feature of this crisis is the lack of the kind of spectacular federal system predicted by Monette that helped stop previous disasters. Plans to repeat post-covid stimulus co-borrowing came up in March by French President Emmanuel Macron, but went nowhere. He on May 9th EUFor example, the founding treaty to remove the veto power of countries that have delayed sanctions has been calmly welcomed.Macron EU Efforts must be made towards “strategic autonomy”, but if any institution is renewed as a result of this crisis NATOSweden and Finland will participate.

Everything can change as the war unfolds. Plans to tackle a grand crisis are usually EUThe dominant duo of Germany and France. Both stand on the hind legs of Ukraine. Neither is trusted in the capitals of Eastern Europe when it comes to dealing with Russia. Both Olaf Scholz in Berlin and Macron in Paris have eaten a lot of food in the country. Maybe when they regain their foothold in Europe, the card will have plans to go against the kind of bold new apocalypse that Monette would have supported. Some will see it as a sign of further progress in the formation of the union. In fact, the real breakthrough is EU You can handle the crisis without having to rewire yourself every time. ■■

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Dealing with the war at the doorstep of Europe breaks through a series of unsuccessful crises over a decade

Source link Dealing with the war at the doorstep of Europe breaks through a series of unsuccessful crises over a decade

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