DC Media Makes Witness Meal at Soto Mayor Restaurant | Washington DC


The most Washington website of all was forced to publish a diplomatic amendment on Saturday, perhaps the second most recent iteration of the most Washington story of all: Rudy Promate, DCpoliticos popular restaurant.

Website in question was PoliticoA hint sheet that covers the capital and parliament building. In the characteristic capital, we notified our readers of the playbook email.[ators] Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn), Dick Durbin (D-Ill), and Sonia Sotomayor Justice ate together at Le Diplomate on Friday night. “

This email was sent to the reader as “Photos from our brave Tarekomi“.

Unfortunately, Sotomayor did not appear.

The “picture” showed a woman talking to Klobscher sitting across from a French cafe table, waiter, diner, and Durbin with the mask removed from the dessert. Schumer’s distinctive hairline could be seen next to Durbin, and Pelosi was also maskless and could be seen to the right of a black-haired woman with her back turned: probably Supreme Court justice.

Politico may have paused before pressing send. Not only was Sotomayor’s face invisible, but another scandal at “Le Dip” turned out to be “Le Flop” last month.

After that, a former Republican aide Tweet Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg and his husband, Chastain Butigieg, turned their backs.

In fact, they were sitting outside. Politico covered the slip, report: “Within a few minutes, the playbook got caught up in this seemingly significant news and was pretty excited to write about it today. Alas, when Butigeg’s Spox said nothing, our The enthusiasm was shattered. “

On Friday, Sotomayor’s sightings would have been news.One of the three liberal judges of the Supreme Court, she Did not appear directly For earlier oral arguments, Joe Biden’s obligation to covid vaccines for private employers.

In addition, at the hearing, she made an inaccurate claim about the Covid-19 surge in Omicron fuel, saying, “More than 100,000 children are in serious condition, many with ventilators. I’m using it. “

As a fact checker for The Washington Post put it, It was “very wrong”, “According to HHS dataAs of January 8, approximately 5,000 children have been hospitalized … either with suspicious Covid or confirmed laboratory tests.

Politico’s photo also gave Joe Biden a court option before he could lose the Senate, as speculation continued about whether another liberal, Stephen Breyer, could retire. .. Schumer guides the candidate to the right place.

Unfortunately, for Politico, it quickly became clear that the tipster was wrong. The woman in the photo was Iris Wayne. Chief Operating Officer New York Public Library Married Schumer..

Fixes have been made, but what’s worse, Weinshall was initially Identified only by her husband’s name..To make matters worse, Schumer’s office Said Other outlets different from Le Grande Affair de Butigeg, Politico wasn’t calling to check the chips from “Rudip”.

Politico admitted slipping and stated that the criteria were not met.

“We deeply regret the error,” he said.

DC Media Makes Witness Meal at Soto Mayor Restaurant | Washington DC

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