Danica McKellar proposes reunion with Jason Hervey for “The Wonder Years”


With the help of her friends! Hallmark Channel fans are having a great time with hospitality Danica McKellar Call her former Wonderful days Co-starring Jason Hervey Appearing in her latest flick — You, me, and the Christmas tree.

“He’s not acting that much anymore. He’s mostly a producer, but it’s been years since he was active. But I thought,” He would be perfect for this role. ” I did.And I think it would be a lot of fun, “said the 46-year-old actress exclusively. We weekly Prior to October 22nd (Friday) Countdown to Christmas.. “And he was a game …. He made time for it on his schedule, and it happened. Good. It’s funny when you have a crazy idea. [and then] Suddenly it’s happening. That was amazing. “

McKeller (Winnie Cooper) and Harvey (Wayne Arnold) starred together Fred Savage on Wonderful everydayS performed over 6 seasons from 1988 to 1993.she said We It was a “strange combination” of picking up where the former co-stars were interrupted and understanding how much time had passed on you, me, and the Christmas tree set.

“On the one hand, it feels like eternity. On the other hand, you’re like,” Wait, I’m looking at the same person. ” I’m listening to someone say something. “It was like déjà vu,” McKeller said. “It just brought [me] Come back soon. “

Danica McKellar and Jason Hervey Danica McKellar / Instagram Courtesy

You, me, and Christmas Tree also starring Benjamin Aires As McKeller’s love interest.

“I play a tree scientist — I’m actually an Evergreen expert. By the way, this is the first time I’ve played a scientist in a Hallmark movie. I love math and science so much. It’s exciting. It’s a whole different part of my career, so I really accepted this role of being a true scientist, “said the math book writer. We.. “Ben Aires plays Jack, the owner of the Christmas tree farm. No one really knows why the trees are suffering and the needles are falling. He can understand that. No. They brought all the experts, and he desperately, he calls me …. I stopped by his arboretum, but this is strange and meaningless I’m completely absorbed in the mystery. “

Danica McKellar

Alley Mills, Fred Savage, Josh Saviano, Jason Hervey, Olivia D’Abo, Dan Lauria New World / Black-Marlens / Kobal / Shutterstock

Arnold plays the owner of a rival tree farm in his role.

“He played Wayne Wonderful days, He plays Dwayne in this movie, [which is] A little fun. And it’s great to work with him.Since then we haven’t worked together Wonderful days.. We have been friends all the time, our family are friends, “she said. “He looks basically the same. That is, he hasn’t really changed. So it was weird, but it was really, really special, and so much fun.”

Timing Wonderful days The reunion begins less than a month after ABC debuted the reboot of its beloved series featuring a black family.

Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar and Fred Savage New World / Black-Marlens / Kobal / Shutterstock

“Fred showed me the pilot a few months ago. They did a great job with it and Don Cheadle It’s a great narrator, “McKeller said. We.. “When Dure Hill — He and I worked together in the West Wing months ago — he’s great. He may be my favorite character. “

McKellar shot several Matchmaker Mysteries films at Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but this time aroundChristmas is at stakeShe made fun of We About a new movie.

You, me, and the Christmas tree It will air on the Hallmark Channel on Friday, October 22, at 8 pm EST.

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Danica McKellar proposes reunion with Jason Hervey for “The Wonder Years”

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