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    Dacre rails at civil service as he pulls out of Ofcom running

    Former Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre said British media regulator Ofcom amid conservative concerns that his candidacy could have ignited Westminster’s “Threes” line. Stopped chairing.

    Dacre, Boris Johnson’s favorite candidate Civil servants complained that the process of appointing civil servants was flawed and that civil servants were prejudiced against candidates in the private sector, and said he would not apply for the job.

    He had I applied for that position before Overseeing Ofcom’s expanding role in regulating the media, telecom, and the Internet, the first rating panel concluded earlier this year that tabloid veterans “couldn’t be appointed.”

    The minister raises the allegation that Johnson was trying to operate the system to secure his own choices for major media work, giving him another opportunity to apply by resuming the selection process. Gave.

    A senior government official said it was a “100% Dacre decision” to withdraw from the contest and notified Johnson on Friday. “It happened suddenly,” said one person near the prime minister, claiming that Dakre was not under pressure to withdraw from the race.

    However, Tory officials believe that Dakre is afraid that his candidacy will become more controversial given Johnson’s recent criticism that he is trying to revoke the rules governing public life. I am.

    “That’s the context,” said one senior Conservative Party. Johnson was widely criticized this month for failing to rewrite the rules of the House of Commons to help Tory lawmaker Owen Paterson, who broke the rules of lobbying.

    In a letter to the Times, Dakure wrote: All.

    “This process can take a year before your life is put on hold. And if you have an independent mind and have nothing to do with the liberal / leftist, you’re better than getting a job. You are more likely to win the lottery. “

    KPMG’s partner Melanie Richards, former BT CEO Lord Ian Livingston, former Press Association CEO Paul Potts, and senior civil servant Susannah Storey will be on the initial evaluation panel for the position. Was included.

    Johnson was a strong supporter of Dakure’s candidacy, according to Whitehall insiders. The prime minister believed that it would bring a convergent right-wing perspective to media regulation.

    However, others at Whitehall considered him unsuitable for work dealing with issues such as technical sector regulation.

    Since Dacre’s first refusal, the government has also changed its job description, removing the requirement that candidates work “in college” for those who can work “effectively.”

    Julian Knight, Conservative Chairman of the Cultural Selection Committee, said in September:

    This week, Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden argued that the government was not trying to cheat the process of securing Dakre’s appointment. “If it wasn’t a proper and independent process, and if Paul Dacre was our preferred candidate, he would now chair Ofcom,” he told the BBC.

    Dacre adds in the letter: I fought the minister publicly and privately for 28 years, “he wrote.

    Dacre added that he is undertaking “exciting new jobs” in the private sector.

    The Cultural Media Department said: “The hiring process is fair and open and adheres to the Governance Code for Public Appointment, which allows the evaluation panel to be objective in deciding which candidates meet the criteria for a role. It clearly states what must be done.

    “This process is regulated by the Public Appointment Committee. The Public Appointment Committee is responsible for ensuring that appointments are made in accordance with strict guidelines.”

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