Customs and Border Protection working to stop counterfeit goods – Tampa, Florida


Tampa, Florida 2021-12-07 05:29:53 –

Gifts that look like stealing can be counterfeit.

Customs and Border Protection sees it every day: Knockoffs that look very similar to the real thing. But instead, consumers are receiving poor quality or unsafe products.

By air and sea, everything shipped to consumers must first pass through Customs and Border Protection.

Officers check the manifest and invoice, and if anything is off, the cargo is sent to the central test station.

Last year, executives seized more than 26,000 counterfeit shipments worth more than $ 1.3 billion.

“This package looks great, but we still don’t know what’s inside,” said Shane Smith of Customs and Border Protection. “If the supply chain is not very safe and the ingredients are produced in substandard or unknown locations, it poses health and safety issues for the average consumer to put it on their lips.”

Manufacturers provide product guides and contact information to help executives identify knockoffs.

Smith says counterfeiters are clever: they learn the teachings and try to avoid them.

Counterfeiters are very sophisticated and can duplicate the exact same package beyond certain security features.

“But again you have to think about the livelihoods of Americans, employees of these companies, and we protect our economy and give consumer confidence to what we are buying. You have to have it, “Smith said.

He added that sending money to a counterfeiter could fund illegal activities, and cutting corners in safety regulations could harm your health, home or children.

“If it’s a danger of choking for a child, it’s a problem and it can be confiscated or destroyed and not allowed to be imported,” he said.

CBP works with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify dangerous toys and test a variety of metals and chemicals.

The top counterfeit products seized by CBP are handbags and wallets, clothing, footwear, jewelery and electronics.

CBP also warns consumers about counterfeit medicines, and counterfeit COVID testing, face masks and COVID treatments are on the rise.

Large scanners and K-9s help with shipments, but it’s up to the shopper to make sure they’re buying from a reputable retailer.consumer You can also report suspected counterfeiters to CBP..

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Customs and Border Protection working to stop counterfeit goods Source link Customs and Border Protection working to stop counterfeit goods

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