Custom 1978 Ford Bronco is an alternative Bronco space survey


In a world full of remakes and revival of everything from cars to movies, they are all of a wide variety of qualities, it’s a little miracle. 2021 Ford Bronco Very widely appreciated.When Look at this custom 1978 Ford Bronco It reminded us that things could have gone a long way, very Another way.

Not official Ford design.But it fuses modern times Ford pickup truck The first full-size base parts with a body Bronco SUV.The nose is from Super Duty and the taillights F-150.. But mixing and blending gets even deeper.modern truck Like modern bumpers and mirrors, it has door handles. The interior also comes from the King Ranch F series.

It looks like Ford was able to build it, depending on how carefully all the parts were installed. But it’s not uncommon for American car makers to use off-the-shelf parts to put together new models, so that’s also believable.Heck, the old full-frame Broncos was basically just Shortened F-150..largely Autoblog Staff believe that for some reason this look doesn’t really work, regardless of the quality of the conversion.

At least it’s probably a solid impetus. Below the hood is a crate 5.0-liter coyote engine connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission. It still has a two-speed four-wheel drive transfer case, but power goes to a sturdy 8-lug solid axle in the front and rear. The brakes have been upgraded to discs at all four corners. The builder also pushed the winch neatly behind the front bumper in case it was a little too far off the road.

This alternative is modern Ford Bronco Take your fantasies, You will cross the block at Mecum Kissimmee in 2022 Auction It will run from January 6th to 16th. The auction house estimates that it can sell for between $ 160,000 and $ 175,000, or at a slightly higher price than the new Bronco. dealer Markup.

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Custom 1978 Ford Bronco is an alternative Bronco space survey

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