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    CSUB rebranding campaign projects shining optimism | News – Bakersfield, California

    Bakersfield, California 2021-10-09 22:00:00 –

    The wave of Khan’s rebranding has brought new symbolism to California State University, Bakersfield. It combines a new seal with the first official logo, based on the opportunity and the county’s growing vision as a new starting point.

    The motif behind the image released by the university this month is a combination of the rising sun and a prominent, well-maintained field. Similar in that respect to the logo developed by the Bakersfield-based Valley Strong Credit Union last year, a similar themed but visually different 2019 brand led by Kern County and Bakersfield City. Following the promotion of change.

    CSUB’s new visual identity emerged from a year-long process involving 10 focus groups, each consisting of about 10 people, including students, faculty, graduates, staff, managers, and donors. The final choice was made by a vote of about 2,000 university stakeholders.

    Rowdy the Roadrunner continues to be the college mascot, and the CSUB color will continue to be blue and gold as it was popular among participants in the rebranding process. But other changes are important.

    CSUB’s previous seal was very similar to the California State University system seal, with a state overview, lamps, and open books. Intended for a formal environment, the new one revolves around the gentle countryside surrounded by wheat.

    The new logo shows that the sun is not yet completely visible and the rays are shining across the golden sky, but underneath the blue expanse extends towards the horizon. It will soon appear in baseball caps and sweatshirts.

    Victor Martin, vice president of college and managing director of the CSUB Foundation, said the logo field was meant to remind us of the land in Kern County, not necessarily to represent agriculture. Not only in its various forms, but also in agriculture.

    “I think this logo is a bit of a tribute to the major industries that are driving the economy in our region,” he said.

    Esra Hashem, director of marketing and communications at CSUB, said the idea of ​​the sun looking on the horizon came from focus group members remembering the university as a “place of origin.”

    “They talked about the university when they first set foot on campus,” she said.

    In addition to the image itself, the new brand comes with a matching set of colors and fonts, with narrower and more modern lettering than the previous schemes used at the university.

    As new designs gradually spread throughout the university, from websites to billboards and physical plants, in Martin’s words, the organizers of the rebranding effort identified them as different “brand homes” early on. Brings unity.

    The university is aware that the city and county have recently been rebranded, and as CSUB celebrated its first 50 years, “it seemed like the timing was right,” he said.

    The city logo was more like a guitar, and like the county logo, it was mostly green and didn’t fit into the CSUB palette.

    At the same time, there is a unity of concept. Kahn’s “Grounded and Boundless” theme seems to correspond to the blue field and vast image of the university, reflecting the optimism of the dawn of CSUB’s new seal. And logo.

    Bakersfield’s Purveyor Branding Co. Shannon LaBare, owner and creative director of the company, said in an email that the success of the rebranding reflects the excellence of the organization. She said it would be a breath of fresh air at the right time.

    It’s also an activity that Bakersfield should do more, given her gloomy reputation that limits the city’s appeal among young, creative types.

    LaBare added that if an organization is successfully rebranded, the process will strengthen its connections with customers and the community.

    “It’s an insightful experience of uniting, resonating, connecting with existing customers, and writing passionate messages that attract new customers,” she writes.

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