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    Crystal Hefner Deletes Nude Photos From Internet: I Needed Everything Fake Out of My Life!

    Our older readers may remember the days when Crystal Hofner was one of the biggest names on reality television.

    Ex-wife Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Girl next doorA show focused on polygamy life with three blonde brides.

    The show is a source of controversy, even in the days when it debuted on few PCs, and saying it’s not aging well would put it very calm.

    So it’s no wonder Hef’s wife was very critical when discussing her experience during the shoot.

    Just last month, Holly Madison screamed, Hofner pushed the drug Forced women to have sex and against their will.

    Now, Hugh’s other wife, Crystal Hofner (starring in a one-season show), details her efforts to eliminate the toxicity absorbed while living in the Playboy Mansion.

    In a recent Instagram post, Crystal revealed that “I removed all the fake from my body and deleted all the old photos.”

    Crystal Hofner in Black Ad Weir

    “I feel more real, vulnerable and belong to myself. I belong to Hofner,” Hofner wrote. according to Man magazine.

    “I used to live for others, make them happy, and suffer internally in the process,” she said.

    Hofner added that followers can no longer see graphic content on social media accounts, and while the move initially reduced numbers, engagement statistics are recovering steadily.

    Crystal Hofner model

    “Over five years, my account has moved from something that isn’t always safe for work posts to something that’s really safe for work life. It’s true me,” Crystal explained. ..

    “Some photos are rapidly gaining followers. In short, sex is selling.

    “I don’t know if I felt empowered by dressing up or showing cleavage, or I don’t know if I felt what I expected or what I felt. But now I can say 100% proudly with confidence. A few days, “she continued.

    Hugh Hefner and his wife

    “And it feels so good internally, so it will probably be like this for the rest of my life.”

    Crystal says her Instagram was initially “packed hard” and “seen thousands of followers declining every day.”

    She adds that “it’s shifting now” and “most days it’s increasing.”

    Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Hofner

    There was also a change in the nature of her follow.

    “Now my female followers are running male followers for their money,” Crystal wrote.

    “Now I really feel that I have an army of supporters who care for and see the real soul behind the lens. I thank you for that.”

    She said, “My mission is to be loyal to myself, but to try and support as much as I can.”

    2013 Crystal Harris

    “I hope you can continue to be faithful to what you feel right for yourself and yourself, as there are certain powers that you can’t find anywhere else. I love you.”

    This is not the first time Crystal has spoken of unrealistic physical standards and potential harm to the female spirit.

    2016 Hofner Removes Breast Augmentation SurgeryExplain that she feels more natural and does so as a way to keep herself away from the past.

    Crystal Hofner recovers after removing breast augmentation surgery

    In 2020, Crystal explained that she almost died from cosmetic treatments that included “fat transfer.”

    “Our culture is a trap and women feel terrible about themselves,” she wrote at the time.

    “Social media makes it worse. Advertising makes it worse. Physically fake people make it worse (I was one of them),” Hofner continued.

    Instagram Crystal Hefner

    “The way our culture defines beauty makes it impossible to catch up. Women are overly sexual. I know from the worst kind of experience.”

    Crystal says the woman lied that she should be evaluated only by appearance, and she is still fighting to get rid of her spirit from that toxic message.

    “For ten years, my value was based on the appearance of my body. I was rewarded and earned a living based on my appearance,” Crystal added.

    Crystal Hofner is a model

    “To date, I need to remind myself why I’m worth it, it has nothing to do with my appearance, in order to convince myself that I’m good enough.”

    I hope Crystal will do its best on the road to self-fulfillment.

    And I would like to thank her for her courage to fight this battle publicly.

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