Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance is trying to fascinate France


A representation of the cryptocurrency Binance can be seen in this figure taken on August 6, 2021.

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Cryptographic giant Binance has increased its presence in France after a tremendous number of years of regulatory scrutiny.

The world’s largest crypto exchange is funding a € 100 million ($ 113 million) initiative with industry group France FinTech to support the French crypto and blockchain sector.

Announced in November, this initiative, called Objective Moon, will allow Binance to set up a research and development office in France to collaborate on an incubator program for startups and training programs.

“The purpose of Objective Moon is really to develop, nurture and accelerate the ecosystem. You can’t do that alone,” Binance’s French GM David Princay told CNBC.

“We also need to have more ability to acquire talent and grow bigger,” he said of plans to open a R & D office. “Having an R & D center is one step we need to take for the next evolution.”

Ledger, a French crypto hardware company worth $ 1.5 billion recently, and OpenClassroom, an edtech company, are also involved in Objective Moon in developing educational programs.

France may prove to be a fertile land for this initiative, given the expanding fintech scene. According to Dealroom numbersFinTech investment in France surged this year in bumper funding rounds such as Lydia and Tale.

Regulatory notes

Binance has entered a turbulent year in relations with regulatory agencies around the world.Some of the headaches Ban by the UK Financial Conduct Authority And investigation According to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.. The company also Close the transaction That digital stock token, and more recently, shut down Singapore’s trading platform.

Although its roots are in China, Binance is renowned for being shy about fixing itself in any one place, devoted to the decentralization maxim associated with the crypto industry.

Binance recently changed its tone in that regard, but CEO Changpeng Zhao Regulatory support And motivation Work with regulators While expressing Interest in France As an official base.

Plance was tightly skeptical about whether the company’s large investment in France was a precursor to the establishment of a formal headquarters in France. “We have nothing to add it yet,” he said.

However, the company’s movements in Japan have not been overlooked by watchmen.Governor last month The central bank of France said If Binance wants to start a business in the country, it needs to carry out a strong money laundering prevention check.

Meanwhile, French Digital Minister Cedric O attended Binance and FinTech in France at the time of the announcement of Objective Moon.

“”Cedric O Prince told CNBC. He added that Binance is discussing licensing with French regulators.

“This is a very positive sign of innovation,” he said in general about crypto regulation in France and Europe. “To pass, you need to be thoroughly scrutinized and audited. When you pass, it’s better because it’s a sign of trust and compliance.”

“Our goal is to be 100% compliant in all activities and countries we operate.”

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Regulations are often catching up with the cryptocurrency business. At the European level, the next big challenge for the industry is EU cryptocurrency market (MiCA) regulation.

Recently approved by the European Council, MiCA will strengthen investor protection and expand the licenses and passports of cryptocurrency companies within the block. This will be discussed in the European Parliament in the coming months.

Spread awareness

“We are still in the stage of mainstream curiosity. If you want to get mainstream adoption and get the education you deserve, to become a safe and seamless open source future: We need to work together. The companies that provide it now. “

“Education on web3 should not be isolated or retained from each other. Anyone who wants to learn about this space should be able to participate.”

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance is trying to fascinate France

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