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    Crewed Artemis moon landing pushed back to 2025, NASA says – TechCrunch

    Blue Origin has failed a proceeding against NASA over a Human Landing System (HLS) contract. Thrown by a judge At a briefing last Tuesday, the progress of China’s space program came to mind as we obtained the latest public information on NASA’s Artemis program.

    NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made a strong statement about the proceedings, saying he had lost “about seven months in the proceedings” regarding HLS and that the following two missions were postponed for more than a year. Currently, Artemis 2 will be held in May 2024, and Artemis 3, which aims to bring the first women and the first colored races to the moon, will be held by 2025. The first use of NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion Capsules is on track towards early 2022. )

    The Artemis program is a series of ambitious launches planned by NASA to bring humans back to the moon since the days of the Apollo program. HLS will be the last capsule to transport astronauts to the Moon.

    Blue origin Proceedings To NASA over the later August HLS Awards Petition failed Government Accountability Office on Government’s decision to award HLS to SpaceX. Blue argued that NASA’s proposal was “illegal and inappropriate,” and in other protests, the ruling of a single contract was anti-competitive.

    However, it is unclear whether the legal battle with Blue Origin is the only reason or the main reason for the delay in the mission. For example, Nelson also points out that the 2024 Trump administration’s goal for the third mission was “not based on technical feasibility,” and Congress will support the development of multiple human landing systems. Did not allocate enough money for.

    Senate Budget Committee Was very clear NASA wants to select two developers for the HLS program, but that’s only the agency has allocated an additional $ 100 million to do so.

    “After looking inside for the past six months, it’s clear that the agency needs to make significant changes for the long-term success of the program,” he said.

    He also pointed to COVID as another reason for delays that caused supply chain disruptions and impacts on the workforce.

    Nelson: “We are facing a very aggressive and excellent Chinese space program.”

    Nelson also repeatedly raised China’s rapidly advancing space program, noting that China was “increasingly capable” of landing Tyco Note on the Moon. He vowed that NASA would be as aggressive as possible in a safe and technically feasible way to “beat the competitors with lunar boots.”

    China’s space program has been progressing at an astonishing pace over the past few years. Launching the first core module Of an independent space station earlier this year. This was the third of 11 launches planned by 2022 to bring the station up and running. China has also landed a rover on Mars. It is the only rover outside the United States and plans a more complex sample return mission from the Red Planet by the end of the decade.

    “Statements made by China’s space program, including the Chinese army, show us that they will be very aggressive,” Nelson said.

    Crewed Artemis moon landing pushed back to 2025, NASA says – TechCrunch Source link Crewed Artemis moon landing pushed back to 2025, NASA says – TechCrunch

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