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    Craig Conover and I started dating after “Winter House”

    The confirmation that Bravo fans have been waiting for. Paige de Sorbo How friendship with her Craig Conover Just became romantic We weekly..

    “In fact, I met Craig three years ago. He was single. I absolutely respected having a boyfriend and having a romantic relationship,” said 28. Summer house Star said We While advertising Season 1 Winter house. “And when I got to Vermont, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. So when I first got there, I was a little disappointed. But, of course, he was his girlfriend. I was absolutely respectful to my friend, and I am very happy to look back on his girlfriend as we have built the very platonic friendship that is the basis of our relationship now. All There is a reason why it really happens. “

    Paige de Sorbo and Craig Conover. Aurora Rose / OK! Magazine / Shutterstock; MediaPunch / Shutterstock

    32-year-old Craig was dating Natalie Hegnauer He is I left it for shooting Winter house With page — and Kyle Cook, Amanda Bhatoura, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Grubranson, Ciara Miller, Austin Kroll, Andrea Denver, Julia McGuire, Gabriel Kuniley When Jason Cameron –During February.

    “And you’ll need to see how it works towards the end of our vacation,” Page teased. We.. “It sounds very cliché, but Craig just catches me. We’re so similar to things that there’s a lot I don’t need to explain to him. It fits snugly. It ’s very natural and it ’s very fun. ”

    However, for now, the co-host of the “Giggy Squad” podcast remains in New York City, and the founder of Sewing Down South lives in Charleston.

    “We really love long-distance relationships. We are two very independent people and we do a lot of things in a week,” explains Page. “For example, it’s fun to get on a plane on Friday morning after completing all the work from Monday to Friday. When we’re together, we feel like we’re more present to each other. We are not calling. We are planning and doing fun things. “

    Eagle Eye Reality TV Fans Guess She guaranteed the relationship between Page and Craig for several months. We The fan should not read mysterious social media activities.

    “Everyone said,’Oh, are they acting or doing as PR stunts?’ And if we did, I would post a ton about him. Probably, “she said. We.. “This is a very realistic relationship and very new. Of course, I’m not going to post the person I started talking to right away. And I haven’t taken any pictures that deserve the grid yet. To be honest. , I haven’t approved it yet. “

    Confirmed sources We Earlier this month The two are officially dating After they share a series of photos from Kyle and Amanda’s September wedding.

    “We got a little drunk at the wedding and threw a story there from the photo booth,” she added. “”[But] I’m waiting for the right scenery [an official] Photo. “

    As season 1 Winter house Fans will see Page’s romance with Bravo novice Andrea before the broadcast begins and the sparks begin to fly with Craig.

    “My first reaction was that I had to call my parents right away to apologize. That’s exactly what I did,” said Fashionista. We About the premiere. “I hate seeing myself kissing someone. So the hot tub scene was a bit crazy for me to see, that is, I was very single at the time and the trip was a lot of fun So I don’t regret it. “

    Winter house Premiered at Bravo on Wednesday, October 20th at 9pm EST.

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    Craig Conover and I started dating after “Winter House”

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