COVID tests ordered for 14 million in China’s Tianjin


Tianjin has emerged as a new concern after more than 20 Covid cases have been reported recently.

According to state media, the city of Tianjin in northern China reached about 14 million people on Sunday while conducting a large number of COVID tests after a series of recent incidents, including two caused by a variant of Omicron. I advised you to stay home.

According to the National Health Commission, more than 20 COVID cases have been reported in the last few days, most of which have emerged as a new concern after being imported from abroad.

They include at least two cases of Omicron variants, as well as primary and Middle school students, According to various state media reports.

The city near the capital, Beijing, began mass testing early Sunday and advised residents to stay at or near their homes for use in community-level nucleic acid screening.

But so far, no larger blockade orders have been seen.

Chinese authorities are already suffering from large-scale outbreaks centered on cities in the northwestern part of Xi’An, which question the country’s zero-tolerance policy of strict blockades and immediate mass inspections to curb outbreaks. Caused.

So far, only a handful of cases of Omicron have been reported in China, where the coronavirus was first detected in 2019.

Residents of Tianjin are said to not receive the “green” code on their smartphone’s COVID trace app until the test result is negative. This is an app that almost everyone in China needs to present when using it. public transport And in other situations.

Tianjin is a major port city about 150 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Beijing.

Xi’An, the historic home of China’s famous Terracotta Warriors, was closed last month, driving 13 million residents indoors. In recent days, the number of new cases has decreased.

Authorities are facing complaints from Xian residents about the chaotic treatment of the blockade, including: Poor access I have been suffering from viral diseases such as food, daily necessities and miscarriage for 8 months. Pregnant woman Those who are denied admission to the hospital without a COVID test.

The Chinese government has advertised its initial rigorous response to COVID, which has significantly reduced pandemics within its borders than slow and chaotic measures abroad.

International flights are only part of the pre-pandemic level, and arrivals are subject to rigorous weeks of quarantine. Mandatory tracking apps usually mean that close contacts are quickly detected and quarantined.

China is rigorously working on a zero-tolerance approach as it continues to occur for the Beijing Winter Olympics next month.

China’s official aggregate since the outbreak of the pandemic is just over 100,000 COVID cases, just a small part of the 1 million US record earlier this month.

However, it is widely believed that the chaotic early outbreaks of China in Wuhan in early 2020 are underreported.

The official death toll in China is less than 5,000.

How China maintains a rigorous “zero COVID” strategy

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