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    COVID restrictions remain for Austria’s unvaccinated

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    Austria’s partial COVID blockade will end next week, but unvaccinated people will still face restrictions as cases decline following the dramatic surge last month, the country’s prime minister said.

    Authorities imposed a number of steps on November 22 as new infections surged, burdened hospitals and urged the government to mandate COVID vaccines from February 2022.

    Prime Minister Karl Nehammer said the “positive trend” of recent infectious diseases meant that restrictions would end on Monday, but unvaccinated people were banned from leaving home for non-essential reasons. Stay on.

    People who are unable to present their antibody certificate after a recent infection face the same restrictions.

    Under current rules, Austrians can only leave the house to buy, exercise and receive essentials. medical care.. The school remains open, but non-essential shops, restaurants, concert halls and cinemas are closed.

    Nehammer, who took office on Monday, admitted that the pandemic was “tensioned” and “for many, it was beyond the limits of what it could tolerate.”

    The government will present a roadmap from restrictions on Wednesday. Nethammer said his administration would be “as cautious as possible.”

    Austria has recorded more than 4,200 new cases of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, according to official figures released on Tuesday.

    The number of cases per day reached 16,000 at the peak of the country’s latest wave in mid-November.

    More than 3,000 are receiving COVID-19 hospital treatment, of which 670 are Intensive care— The highest number registered this year.

    Austrian vaccination rates have long been below the European average, rising from 66% to 71.2% in the weeks prior to next year’s proposed vaccination requirements.

    According to the bill leak, those who refuse vaccination will be punished with a fine of € 600 ($ 680), which can be re-imposed every three months.

    With this measure, a series of large-scale demonstrations spurred the country’s political turmoil, making Nehammer Austria’s third prime minister third in a few months.

    Austrian leaders say unvaccinated blockades are likely

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