Covid passes boosted economies and vaccine uptake, study shows


According to new research, European countries that have introduced the Covid Pass may help increase vaccine intake, improve public health and economic performance, and avoid blockages.

Researchers at Brugel and the French Economic Analysis Council have stated that the Covid certificates from France, Germany and Italy have increased vaccination rates in these countries by 13, 6.2 and 9.7 percentage points, respectively. Paper published on Tuesday.. They write that the impact was “significant” even among older groups.

They presume that the certificate also helped stop thousands of hospitalizations and deaths, French intensive care unit occupancy Helps avoid further blockades. In German, Vaccine intake was low Until November, stricter rules on certificates were introduced, including a mandatory Covid pass at work. In Italy, ICU pressure remained low throughout the study period.

The study estimates that without policy intervention, France, Germany and Italy’s gross domestic product will decline by € 6 billion, € 1.4 billion and € 2.1 billion, respectively, by the end of 2021.

Covid certification passes for vaccination, recovery from the virus, or recent negative tests have been gradually introduced in many countries since last year with the aim of expanding the scope of the vaccine as much as possible. .. Earlier versions of certificates, such as Italy, allowed access to all venues that proved negative for the Covid test, but recently, the percentage of unvaccinated citizens, especially for the elderly. The rules for further reduction have been strengthened.

Covid-19 vaccine certificate is not technically Vaccine obligationsVaccination is mandatory, as is the case with healthcare professionals in certain countries such as France and Italy. Vaccine introduction is mandatory and Covid has passed and is controversial, but studies suggest that their effects are positive.

“The widespread use of the Covid-19 certificate is a measurement tool for controlling pandemics and avoiding complete vaccine mandates and new blockades,” said one of the lead researchers in the study. Brugel’s researcher, Mathematics and Economics at the University of Paris-Dofine. “In many countries, vaccine intake has increased, health impacts have diminished, and economic losses have occurred.”

Chart showing that France is recording the greatest health benefits from Covid Pass

The World Health Organization states that mandatory vaccines should be used as a “last resort”.

He said researchers focused their research on these three countries as they introduced Covid certificates around the same time last July-August to regulate access to public places. They also have comparable vaccine supply, economics, health care systems and demographics.

Regulations are becoming stricter in some countries. France passed a law on Sunday banning unvaccinated individuals from accessing bars, restaurants and other places. Previously, unvaccinated citizens could attend such venues with evidence of recent negative tests. Italy introduced a similar “Super Green Pass” this month, which requires proof of vaccination.

Oliu-Barton added that the results of studies that have not yet been peer-reviewed may not necessarily be applicable to other countries. Government decisions also take into account additional factors such as Covid testing and vaccine supply, the level of political confidence in the country, and access to groups that have reached their limits, and such schemes “threate social cohesion. We need to avoid “or exacerbating existing inequality.”

“The Covid Certificate is an attractive and comprehensive alternative to vaccination obligations that focuses on the additional benefits of being vaccinated or tested, rather than the disciplinary measure of not vaccination. It seems, “he added. Vaccine protection in the face of Omicron.

Covid passes boosted economies and vaccine uptake, study shows Source link Covid passes boosted economies and vaccine uptake, study shows

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