Covid bogs down Biden in winter of discontent


Joe Biden promised to “follow science” when he took over from Donald Trump, but a year later, infection records, deficiency testing, and stubborn vaccine resistance made one of the president’s political strengths. It has turned into an increasing responsibility.

Wednesday’s data show the highest number of new COVID infections to date, averaging 265,427 cases over a 7-day period, highlighting Biden’s inability to mutate.

The good news behind the dreaded numbers is that the new surge-driving Omicron variants may not be much more deadly than previous versions. Therefore, while Americans, and people in many other countries, are infecting large numbers of people, the results have been fairly mild so far.

Top governments point out a 126% increase in US cases compared to a mere 11% increase in hospitalizations Infection Expert Anthony Fauci called this data “encouraging.”

“We shouldn’t be satisfied,” he said Wednesday, but “all signs indicate a lower severity of Omicron.”

However, continued uncertainty and the rapid spread of the virus were already confusing and sufficient to politically hurt Biden.

Democrats face winter of discontent for fear of overwhelming hospitals, airlines canceling hundreds of flights during the busiest time of the year, and endangering large-scale sports games. doing.

It’s far from the hope he took office 11 months ago and vowed to reverse Trump’s volatile leadership and control the pandemic.

Biden dared to declare Independence Day from COVID-19 on July 4, as the virus had been steadily retreating for the first few months.

Currently, with the arrival of the Delta variant in the summer and the aftermath of Omicron this winter, Biden has been attacked from all sides, with approval rates as low as 40% and disapprovals close to 52%.

What do Americans “tolerate”?

The New York Post, screaming in a chorus of White House critics, says Biden may not be the fault of COVID-19, but his reaction is inadequate.

“Conclusion: Team Biden’s hype, incompetence, hypocrisy, and total lies do not instill confidence,” the editorial said.

Trump, who repeatedly tried to downplay the pandemic during his tenure last year, claimed that Biden ran for a false promise.

“Remember that the Democratic campaign was based on the fact that it was a quick and easy way to get rid of China virus? Their entire campaign was a lie,” he said in a statement.

Recent criticisms of Biden have focused on the surprising shortage of rapid test kits, where pharmacies are out of stock and government-run testing centers are surrounded by long lines of worried people.

The government says it has shipped 500 million home test kits and signed a $ 137 million contract on Wednesday to procure key materials for the manufacture of over-the-counter tests.

But Biden himself admitted that the effort was “obviously not enough.”

Howard Forman, a professor at the School of Public Health, said frequent tests in the high-risk category are “important” because therapeutic agents can prevent the worst illness if caught in time.

“In one of these high-risk groups, I will test as soon as possible.”

However, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccines are the best defense, and COVID-related mortality in unvaccinated people is 14 times higher than in vaccinated people.

Biden often faced very stubborn resistance in Republican areas. Only 62% of the country was fully vaccinated and less than 33% were boosted.

This week, the CDC cheered from some companies desperate to halve the recommended quarantine time for people with asymptomatic COVID-19 and avoid personnel disruption, but others. There has been strong criticism since the quarter.

Its latest controversy symbolizes the difficulties Biden faces to keep everyone happy, and sometimes everyone.

CDC director Rochelle Wallensky said Wednesday that the decision to shorten the quarantine period depends not only on science, but also on human and political factors.

“It really had something to do with what we thought people could tolerate,” Warensky told CNN.

The United States sets a new record for daily Covid cases in the midst of test predicament

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