Correct specs: 2022 Toyota 4Runner


The number of jacked-up wagons offered is truly dazzling, as all mainstream carmakers on the planet are trying to fill their profits with the profits of delicious SUVs. Of course, most of them are car-based, including those in Toyota’s own wheelhouse. Check out the mysterious Corolla Cross introduced this year.

This makes 4Runner a kind of glorious throwback. Sitting on your toes and watching the traffic on your lantern’s chin, this SUV may be hill-old, but enjoys some of the strongest sales to date.

It’s also more expensive than ever, with a base price of about $ 540 north of the 2021 model this year.There is often a heated debate around these parts regarding the value of the 4Runner, as Toyota appears to be charging these prices. Because they canAlthough the truck itself hasn’t changed significantly for over a decade.

The author states that it makes no sense to buy a two-wheel drive 4Runner and that such a machine is equivalent to owning a sleeveless winter jacket. The reason the company chose to offer 2Runner is beyond my understanding as it is not chasing attractive prices given the base model Monroney. With this in mind, the Trail Special Edition is $ 40,650 and the TRD Off-Road is $ 41,135. It’s not a big spread, less than some of us spent on fashionable meals. If you’re wondering, the powerful TRD Pro is a stunning $ 52,120.

Regardless of the trim, the 4Runner is powered by a 4.0L V6 engine that produces about the same amount of torque as 270 horsepower. This engine is rushing to 5th gear (yes, Five) Automatic transmission. A big advantage of the TRD off-road trim is the addition of a locking rear differential. This can make all the difference between carrying yourself out of the mud and needing help. Or, if you want to buy an SUV but haven’t used it for its intended purpose, you have the right to brag. These part-time 4×4 systems with these 4Runner trims feel superior to Limited’s full-time systems with Torsen Limited slip center diff locks. Please make it public in the comments on this point.

20224 Runner front

The TRD Pro trim adds a Fox-branded shock with a remote rear reservoir and TRD-tuned front springs, but little about approach / departure angles and ground clearance. Given the price walk of nearly 10 grands, it’s argued that money is better spent in the aftermarket if you’re terrified of building the worst 2022 4Runner in their block. There is no shortage of well-made parts available for this from many off-road suppliers.

I haven’t talked much about the internal differences between the trims, because there aren’t many. All 4Runners are packed with the same pathetic infotainment system, and only top-class examples have things like dual-zone climate control and panoramic view monitors. By the way, the latter doubles as a trail cam for TRD Pro.

20224 Runner front

Will Toyota’s crew introduce the new 4Runner soon? Maybe. Look at how long they continued to produce the old Tundra, not to mention the current Tacoma. Neither, especially tacos, seems to wear badly in terms of sales. For 4Runner, we recommend TRD off-road and its locking rear differential. Hey, at least you could scrape money during trade-in time.

Please note that the prices listed here are in US dollars and are currently accurate for the base price excluding fees, taxes or rebates. Your dealer can (and should) sell cheaper (despite obscene market conditions). Keep your feet down, work hard on the available rebates, and negotiate hard.

[Images: Toyota]

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Correct specs: 2022 Toyota 4Runner

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