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    Coping with COVID-19 stress easier with a dose of humor

    Credit: Unsplash / CC0 public domain

    According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, interesting memes can help people cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, calm the viewer, and make them feel more content.

    According to a study published in the journal, the meme on COVID-19 also increased people’s confidence in their ability to cope with pandemics. Psychology of popular media..

    “As the pandemic prolongs, it becomes more and more interesting how people use social media, especially memes, as a way to think about pandemics,” said lead author Dr. Jecica Rumilik. Professor at Pennsylvania State University. “Just looking at the three memes has helped me cope with the stress of life during a pandemic.”

    Researchers surveyed 748 people online in December 2020 to determine whether browsing memes affects the positive emotions, anxiety, information processing, and coping surrounding COVID-19. They also sought to determine how memes of different content, subject matter, and level of cuteness affect participants. Participants ranged from 18 to 88 years, with an average age of 41.8, mostly white (72.2%) and female (54.7%). University degree (63.5%).

    Researchers have collected hundreds of popular memes from websites such as “IMgur” and “IMGflip” to determine if the image is human or animal, human or animal young or old (usually young creatures). It was categorized based on factors such as) and whether the caption is focused on COVID-19.A group of participants reviewed and evaluated their humor and cuteness. Meme, And researchers have selected only memes for research that were also considered interesting and cute.

    Most memes remained unchanged from the source, but researchers created some original captions to create similar COVID-related and non-COVID-related captions for each meme. bottom. For example, one meme had a picture of an angry cat with a COVID-related caption. A non-COVID-related version of the meme has the same cat image with the caption “A new study has confirmed that cats can’t interfere with your car, but will interfere if given the option.” I am.

    Researchers first measured how often participants felt nervous or stressed in the past month, among other items. Participants then participate in one of three control conditions characterized by the same type of subject (animal or human), cuteness level (adult or baby), caption (COVID-related or non-COVID-related), or plane. Randomly assigned imageless text to display three memes with. After looking at the media, participants evaluated the cuteness and fun of finding memes and control texts, and reported positive emotions such as levels of anxiety and calmness, relaxation, and cheers. They also evaluated other information the media knew about COVID-19, confidence in their ability to cope with pandemics, and how much they made them think about the stress of illness.

    Researchers have found that people who saw memes compared to other types of media reported higher levels of humor and more positive emotions. This was indirectly associated with reduced stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who saw memes with COVID-19-related captions were even more likely to have lower pandemic stress levels than those who saw memes without COVID-related captions.

    “The World Health Organization recommends avoiding COVID-related media too much for the benefit of mental health, but our research shows that memes on COVID-19 are confident in their ability to cope with pandemics. It can be useful to have and feel, “Myrick said. “This suggests that not all media are uniformly bad for mental health, and people need to stop and see what kind of media they are consuming, such as the time they spend scrolling. If you are more aware of how our behavior affects your emotional state, then you will be better able to use social. media To help me when I need it and to take a break when I need it instead. “

    Researchers are also more confident in their ability to ponder and deal with pandemics when they see COVID-related memes than when they see captions and control conditions that are not related to COVID. I found that. But if you see a cute meme with baby humans or animals, Pandemic Even if the meme caption is about COVID-19, it deals with how it affected their lives.

    The results of these surveys Social media According to Myrick, content about stressful public events helps people handle news without being overwhelmed by the news.

    “Public health advocates and government agencies may benefit from using memes as a cheap and easily accessible way to communicate with the general public about stressful events, but overly. Cute memes should be avoided, “says Myrick. “NS Positive emotions By relating to this type of content, people may feel psychologically safe and be able to focus on the underlying message associated with health threats. ”

    Depressive memes can be a coping mechanism for people with mental illness

    For more information:
    “Meme consumption during a COVID pandemic: the effect of memes and meme types on COVID-related stress and coping effects” Dr. Jessica Goal Milik, Dr. Nicholas En, Pennsylvania State University, MS, Dr. Robin Navi, University of California, Santa Barbara. Psychology of popular media, Published online on October 18, 2021.

    Quote: COVID-19 Stress Coping is the amount of humor obtained on October 18, 2021 from https: // ( 2021, October 18th) will be easier

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