Controversial new clinical trials that promise faster results


The standard clinical trials used to test new drugs are time consuming and tedious. The pandemic has shown that new types of trials are much faster, but is it reliable enough?


October 20, 2021


Martin Leon Barrett

Hundreds of years ago, if you had pain, cough, or fever, your pharmacist may prescribe you a tincture or – a pleasure – a leech recovery course. Thankfully, medicine has come a long way since then. It’s by no means perfect, but hospitals, medicine and medical care have made our days immeasurably comfortable.

Much of this is due to clinical trials, a fortress of science that tests whether drugs and treatments are safe and effective. Evidence from such trials is considered the gold standard, and over the years it has helped us classify quack from treatments. So you may be surprised to hear that more and more doctors are thinking that we need to overhaul the way we test drugs.

Despite all of their strengths, clinical trials often take years to make a verdict. This drawback is COVID-19 Pandemic, When we urgently needed treatment for a new illness. Doctors were forced to use faster assessment methods, at which point they seemed to be rewarded. “We were able to achieve in a few weeks what would otherwise have taken years,” epidemiologists say. Martin Landray, Oxford University..

If you can get a solid answer about a drug faster than a standard clinical trial, you have an ethical obligation to do so. Some people say yes. It must be good to help more people faster.Others worry about it The rush to use the drug has previously annoyed us.. Whether there really is a faster and more reliable way to conduct clinical trials is rapidly becoming one of the most important questions in medicine. …

Controversial new clinical trials that promise faster results

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