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    Contracts first, Clubhouse rooms second – TechCrunch

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    During the days of the garage stage and zoom room of company life, liquidity is the key to generating ideas. The lack of contractual obligations is embedded in how we understand the origin stories of the most famous startups. We celebrate the rapid shift, love the crappy MVP on a perfectly sophisticated platform, and watch out for repetitive entrepreneurs to raise money for the next idea before knowing what the next idea is. pay. You can DM your tech tech you admire on Twitter and get advice on how to unlock a completely different build method. You can get press mentions that make you aware that you are working on something. The ability to quickly spin up a team and launch something is clearly at the heart of what makes startupland special (and frankly fun to write).

    The amorphous beginning of a startup may seem incredibly vibrant, but here’s an unpopular opinion: thousands of people Pour into Discord server to buy constitution,It is important. Startups and movements need to establish clear governance because it is important to set expectations in advance. There are differences in both ownership and weight between founders, founding team members, advisors, investors, angel investors, and early employees.

    As shown by Winkle Boss Twins vs Facebook, Reggie Brown vs. Snap Chat, And more recently Abidofman vs. CompassRecognizing the role of people in a company is not semantics, but revealing ambiguity before it turns into anger. In the latest episode of Equity, we talked to the co-organizer about a series of proceedings between the exiled founders and the companies they felt they were participating in. Why it’s important to have a title Before promoting your vision at the clubhouse.

    So what will be the founder, the founder? When does it make sense to escalate a founder’s dispute into a proceeding? What do Winklevoss twins and Avi Dorfman have in common? And can entrepreneurs claim the title of co-founder because their ideas have created a successful business, or prove that they can put it into action from thought. Do I have to stay in the office long enough?

    The questions answered in the TechCrunch + column are: Name your job title before you name your startup. We interviewed Winklevoss’ twin lawyer, Jennifer Fleiss, co-founder of Rent the Runway, about her decision to leave the company and the current founders and investors who are drawing these lines in real time.

    This is a meta start to the beginning of the holiday season, but what else do you expect? The rest of this newsletter discusses ConstitutionDAO, Macro, and Zillow.As always, you can follow me on Twitter @nmasc_ Or send me a direct message on Instagram @natashathereporter.

    DAO tried to buy the US Constitution this week

    Image credit: Bryce Durbin

    There are 13 surviving copies of the original printed matter of the US Constitution. Last week, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) announced that it had lost its bid to buy from art dealer Sotheby’s after the high-stakes bidding war that caught the attention of the Internet.

    Here’s what you need to know: Constitution DAO is clear, even though it didn’t win the bid Lamps for Swath people to understand the impact of DAO.. About 13% of Constitution DAO contributors used ETH for the first time, and 44% of those who contributed had less than 40 transactions for their name.

    The community will be things in 2022, it’s not:

    And the beginning of this week …

    The pencil broke into two colors on the background of a plain block.

    Image credit: MirageC (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

    Sudowrite!And on earth, Haje’s story may win This year’s lede too.. As a writer, I’m always prejudiced (good or bad) about tools and startups that want to bring technology to my artistic profession. But with Sudowrite, I was able to experience a different sense of mission. This tool is not intended to replace writers or provide a clean sales copy, but to inspire creative juices that may be lacking in the summarization, extension, or writing process. “The purpose is that.

    According to founder and CEO Amit Gupta, here’s what you need to know:

    We wanted to provide you with someone who could bounce ideas back to someone as good as a human reading partner. More than that, when I talked to users, especially those in the entertainment industry, such as screenwriters, I realized that there was a special need. They have many memorization tasks that they don’t want to do: they may have a script they wrote, and they may need to produce one page of treatment, three pages of treatment, etc. not. It’s all from a very specific industry, but AI is very easy to do. It’s not a very creative job, and tools like Sudowrite save hours of the worst kind of work they have to do. I think there are many such opportunities, but core products really help keep inspiration, provocation, and flow.

    Honorable Mention:

    Did Zillow get higher on its own supply?

    GettyImages 152498954

    Image credit: KentWeakley (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

    Join Alex Wilhelm and Ryan Lawler in this week’s equity Unpack the exit from Zillow’s iBuying market. It may not sound like the most thrilling news to chat with, but there are plenty of dramas to consider. Home pricing is difficult, with Zestimates accuracy and Opendoor’s accidental timing revenue.

    Here’s what you need to know: Having data is by no means sufficient in a moat to win in the residential world, especially considering how unpredictable and uncontrollable prices can be. The roller is iBuying market is still healthy.. That said, Zillow news is more widespread by real estate and proptech start-ups. Unlike Casper news, It can have a significant impact on the sector.

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    How to take advantage of distributed work

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    Start your holiday happiest. See you here next week.


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