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    Connection discovered between brain’s opioid system and eating behavior

    A brain region where the relationship between the opioid system and feeding caused by external stimuli was discovered. Yellow indicates a strong connection.Credit: University of Turku

    The brain regulation of feeding behavioral traits remains not fully understood. In their latest study, researchers at the Turku PET Center in Finland have discovered a link between the functioning of the opioid system and food craving caused by appetizing external stimuli.

    Animal experiments are on the brain Opioid The endocannabinoid system is important in regulating feeding behavior and mediating the food reward experience. For example, changes in signaling in these systems are associated with obesity.Generally, with internal signals of the body such as fluctuations in blood sugar level External stimulusFood advertisements and the like can stimulate human appetite.

    In their new study, researchers at the University of Turku in Finland investigated the relationship between brain opioids and endogenous cannabinoid signaling and various types of feeding behavior. They found that the functioning of the opioid system was associated with feeding caused by external stimuli.

    “The fewer opioid binding sites, the greater the tendency to eat in response to external stimuli such as appetite. food.. In addition, the number of binding sites for endogenous cannabinoids was associated with several different types of feeding behavior, the lead authors said.

    According to Kantonen, the results show that the opioid system in particular has the potential to be a potential target for human anti-obesity drugs.

    NS Research data Obtained from AIVO database Sponsored by Turku PET Center.

    Age, gender, and smoking affect opioid receptor function in the brain

    For more information:
    The Tatu Kantonen et al, Cerebral μ-opioid and CB1 receptor systems play a clear role in human feeding behavior. Translational psychiatry (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41398-021-01559-5

    Quote: The connection found between the opioid system of the brain and feeding behavior (September 2, 2021) is from in 2021. Obtained on September 2nd

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    Connection discovered between brain’s opioid system and eating behavior Source link Connection discovered between brain’s opioid system and eating behavior

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