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    Concerns rise over UK flu outbreak amid vaccine delays

    3D printing of influenza virus. The surface of the virus (yellow) is covered with proteins called hemagglutinin (blue) and neuraminidase (red), which allow the virus to invade and infect human cells. Credit: NIH

    One of the UK’s largest suppliers of seasonal flu vaccines warned on Saturday that a shortage of truck drivers could result in delivery delays of up to two weeks.

    In a statement highlighting concerns about the potential scale of this winter Influenza pandemic, vaccination society Seqirus has accused “unexpected challenges related to road cargo delays” of interruptions in delivery in England and Wales.

    “We are working hard to resolve the delay so that our customers can change their schedule,” the company said. influenza Vaccination clinic. “

    The severity of influenza outbreaks varies from year to year, but there are concerns that past blockades implemented to combat the coronavirus pandemic could make UK residents more susceptible to influenza in the coming months. ..

    “This year’s influenza immunity is clearly important, and the reason it’s so important is because of the blockade, and last winter’s circulating influenza levels were very low,” said Anthony Harnden, a professor at Oxford University. Said. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization and advises the UK Government on the deployment of vaccines.

    “Therefore, we know when the circulating flu level was low the previous year. The infection rate is often high the following year, which could lead to a high flu rate this year,” Hahnden told the BBC. rice field.

    Dr. Richard Vautrey, chairman of the British Medical Association’s General Practitioners Committee, said the flu vaccine deficiency could affect a “significant proportion” of community practice and was “serious” to GPs and patients. “Impact” was warned.

    This winter, the free flu vaccine will be available to more than 35 million people, including all. Middle school students, According to the government.

    Companies in different industries are reporting interruptions in delivery due to a shortage of truck drivers blamed on a variety of factors.

    The main reason is that drivers from the European Union have returned to the continent as a result of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and the coronavirus pandemic.

    Among the many companies struggling to maintain inventory levels are pub company JD Wetherspoon, whose founder was an avid supporter of Brexit, and fast-food chains KFC, McDonald’s, and Nando’s.

    CDC Recommendations for Influenza Vaccination, Updated from 2021 to 2022

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    Concerns rise over UK flu outbreak amid vaccine delays Source link Concerns rise over UK flu outbreak amid vaccine delays

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