Concerning dietary patterns among Latinx linked to greater number of years living in the US


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Dietary cultural transformation may play a stronger role in some heritage groups compared to other groups, according to a new study by researchers at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Public Health and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have. And adherence to cultural dietary patterns can be affected by the number of years you have lived in the United States. This is the first study to empirically derive dietary patterns using a data-driven approach using population-specific foods.The survey results are published at Nutrition Journal..

The term “Hispanic / Latino” includes more than 20 nationalities with substantial social, cultural, behavioral, geographical, and genetic heterogeneity. Diet is strongly associated with health, but the prevalence of certain illnesses varies among Hispanic / Latin Americans in the United States.For example, Hispanic / Latin Americans in Mexico and Puerto Rico heritage The prevalence of diabetes is the highest, while the prevalence of heritage in South America is the lowest.

“Our study compares heritage-specific diets among six large Hispanic / Latino heritage groups and examines the differences in dietary pattern scores for each year living in the United States in each heritage group, resulting in an important gap. “Fill in,” said Dr. Sandra Albrecht. , Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia Mailman School, and Senior Author.

Researchers derived using data from Hispanic Community Health Studies / Latin American Studies, the largest population-based cohort of Hispanic / Latin Americans of diverse origins aged 18-74. Meal pattern Two 24-hour meal recalls resulted in five comprehensive meal patterns (hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks). White rice, beans, lean meat; fish; eggs and cheese; and alcohol. Health status was assessed by comparing heritage-specific dietary patterns with the Alternative Healthy Eating Index-2010.

Researchers found that in all heritage groups, diet patterns for hamburgers, french fries, and soft drinks were associated with poor health, while diet patterns for all fish except Dominica heritage helped improve health. I found it related. In addition, the dietary pattern of white rice, beans, and lean meat was unhealthy in the Cuban and Central American groups, but healthy in individuals from Mexico. The fewer years you have lived in the United States, the higher the score for white rice, bean, and lean meat diet patterns in Cuban and Mexican heritage groups, and the higher the score for hamburger, french fries, and soft drink diet patterns in Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rican. It will be lower. group.

Dr. Luis Maldonado, a PhD student in the Faculty of Nutrition at UNC-, said: Chapel Hill when the study was conducted, and the lead author of the treatise.

Dietary acculturation is a complex and dynamic process in which migrants adopt the cultural practices of the host country and eliminate the cultural dietary choices and behaviors practiced in their country of origin. Over time, dietary acculturation can lead to an unhealthy diet, which can increase the risk of chronic diet-related illnesses. However, it is important to recognize that the process of dietary acculturation can vary between heritage groups.

In a companion editorial, Catherine Tucker (University of Massachusetts) praises a research team that has demonstrated the importance of investigating dietary patterns using a data-driven approach. Understanding the actual dietary behavior of population subgroups can help reveal the diversity of both dietary behavior and health risks between different Hispanic / Latin heritage groups.

“Our findings suggest that it is justified to identify effective strategies for diet-related chronic illnesses tailored to different groups of this diverse US population,” Albrecht said. Says.

Follow a variety of healthy eating patterns associated with a reduced risk of heart disease

For more information:
Catherine L Tucker, Latino Group Diet Patterns, Nutrition Journal (2021). DOI: 10.1093 / jn / nxab225

Quote: From regarding Latin dietary patterns related to more years of living in the United States (October 8, 2021) Obtained October 8, 2021.html

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Concerning dietary patterns among Latinx linked to greater number of years living in the US Source link Concerning dietary patterns among Latinx linked to greater number of years living in the US

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