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    Community holds march for 4-year-old shooting victim – Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida 2021-08-29 23:22:41 –

    Tampa, Florida — On Sunday afternoon, community members marched through the city of East Tampa in honor of 4-year-old Snibel.Tampa police say Suni was shot and killed At last week’s drive-by shooting, the shooter is still running.

    “I miss Suni very much. I raised her. It’s my grandson. I love her to death. And I just want justice,” said Suni’s grandmother. Brennia Harrison said.

    Suni family

    4-year-old girl killed in Tampa shooting

    Her family and community haven’t receded until they get justice. The local Neighborhood Boxing League organized a Sunday march as part of the “Gun’s Down Gloves Up” movement.

    “People get tired of crying, get tired of saying’Rest In Peace’and just get tired of it,” said Juda Hicks, the owner of. Neighborhood Boxing League..

    That’s why Hicks started exercising. To encourage people to express their anger and frustration in other ways.

    “He takes everything in the community and young men and they get together to get rid of frustration. Take frustration inside the ring and learn how to use it with techniques rather than anger. “Said Rev. Elvis Piggott of the Triumph Church in Tampa Bay.

    They believe that ending violence in East Tampa begins within the community.

    “Listen, I had 17 funerals in a pandemic, but nothing from COVID. A young man was shot down, a young man under the age of 30 was shot down, and we We are no longer celebrating our 30th birthday. Our community is in trouble, “said Rev. Piggott.

    They are urging members of the community to take responsibility for each other, and members of the Tampa Police Department say they need it.

    “It’s their community, they have to get it back. We always say, we have 1,000 people and the city has 400,000 inhabitants. They are better than us. You’ll see things sooner and hear about crimes, we need their help to resolve the crimes, “said Tampa Police Assistant Chifuru Bendelgado.

    They are asking anyone who has information about Suni’s case to come forward.

    “I’m just down. I just want you to find justice. I just want your baby to be justice,” said Suni’s mother, Mary Harrison.

    Tampa Bay Crime Stoppers offers a $ 9,500 bounty for information that could lead to the arrest of a person involved. If you have any information, please contact Crime Stoppers (1-800-873-TIPS (8477)) and report anonymously online. Report anonymously online Alternatively, send mobile tips using the P3 Tips mobile app, which is a free download for iOS and Android.

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    Community holds march for 4-year-old shooting victim Source link Community holds march for 4-year-old shooting victim

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