Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage!


In front of the 90th: Single life Season 2 “Tell All” was aired and the world already knew about the conflict between mother and son.

Colt and Vanessa had plans to move, and Debbie was looking for his place, looking for his place.

Colt with Debbie only on the Telall stage Make his mother tears About her “interference” in his marriage.

Vanessa reveals that she and Colt are separated and blames her mother-in-law Debbie’s feet.

As reported earlier in the week, Debbie’s lack of independence had reached a limit for her son.

Married near the age of 40, he was fed up with his mother. Whether he was in good faith or not, he monopolized time and energy.

There is an online saying that people living with their parents pay “rent” in the form of mental and emotional health, and Colt wanted self-care.

Debbie Johnson ridicules Ed

“I’m angry that I can’t do anything myself,” he lamented Debbie on the Tell All stage.

“I’m the first person, the first phone, the first thing with you,” he told his 70-year-old mother.

“You have raised me to be just an obedient person to you,” Colt accused and asked why she did this.

Compliments of Colt Johnson and Vanessa Gera

“I shouldn’t care about your life,” Colt told Debbie.

“This is your life,” he asserted. “It’s not my responsibility.”

Debbie felt hurt and embarrassed and begged him to stop, saying he promised not to do this.

Debbie Johnson leaves an angry voice email

When Colt didn’t stop blasting her mother, she got up and went out of control.

She expressed her desire for Colt and Vanessa to move far away.

While Debbie was chilling behind the scenes, Sean asked Colt and Vanessa where things were standing for them.

Vanessa Gera began sleeping with Colt about a month after Colt began dating Jess.

“Do you want to tell them?” Colt asked his wife.

This is when Vanessa reveals that “I have moved.”

“We’re away,” Colt confirmed, sharing that Vanessa had moved three weeks ago.

Debbie Johnson is all decorated for her date

Vanessa didn’t hesitate because she explained exactly that she had to find a new living space.

Simply put, she was “sick of being” under her mother-in-law’s roof.

She and Colt have shared space with their mother-in-law since they got married.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Gera react to the no-show situation

Vanessa states that Debbie’s constant focus on Colt was not just an overall dependency, but an annoyance.

“Hey Colt, Hey Colt,” quoted Vanessa, focusing on a phrase that we all had heard from Debbie many times.

According to her, keeping the bedroom door closed does not prevent non-stop interruptions.

Debbie Johnson prepares for her date

What’s interesting about this unfortunate news is that Vanessa was a (one) woman approved by Debbie.

Debbie cried a few minutes after meeting Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima.

She went further with Jess Caroline, actively “sliding” things in front of Jess to deliberately cause problems during her trip to Brazil.

Debbie Johnson asks-Did you know that Jess has a problem? [with Vanessa]??

The relationship between Colt and Debbie is both affectionate and toxic.

Although she is not a morbid narcissist like Betty Gibbs, she and Colt have a strong emotional attachment that hinders both.

Sometimes the bonds we build to heal prevent us from moving forward in life. Not all coping mechanisms last a lifetime.

Debbie Johnson tries to call her no-show date

Worth it, Vanessa asserted that she would go home when Debbie was gone.

Debbie moved with her friend and planned to move.

Colt initially gave a notice that was too short to find a place, but it is clear that there was an emotional hang that slowed her movement.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage! Source link Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage!

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