Colorado Springs 6th grader is on a mission for the homeless – Colorado Springs, Colorado


Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-02-06 23:14:31 –

Colorado Springs — A sixth grader at Mountain Song Community School is on a mission.

“We all made all the changes and put them all in small jars and raised a lot of money.”

Jolena Grohne and her fellow classmates have raised over $ 120 since December for the underprivileged after learning about homeless people who spent the night in the school yard.

Visit Mountain Song Community School Garden. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“We were just picking up all the charcoal left over from the embers, a little bit of fire, and then we came up with the idea of ​​collecting money for a homeless charity,” Jorena said.

The teacher, who is helping to clean the garden with the children, said Jorena’s suggestion touched his heart.

“Many of the sixth graders were really focused on the fire and were interested in what happened overnight. Jorena screamed and worried that people in our community were experiencing homelessness. I thought it was a very beautiful way to solve the problem, “said Matt Thomas, an agricultural arts teacher at the Mountain Song Community School.

jolena and the goods
Jorena with everything she and her class could get for a donation. Credit: Rachel Saurer

The money raised in the class is enough to cover a day’s stay at The Place.

“It includes a nice and warm place to stay, three meals a day, element exits, theft, assault and other harmful things, so Jorena makes a big difference in one’s life. It brought it, “said Page Doveman, Head of Development at Place. ..

In addition to the money raised, Jorena and her class could also donate merchandise.

“Some yoga mats, tennis rackets, some headphones there, some brand new snow globes … whatever the place needed, we tried to find it,” said Thomas.

water bottles
Place will continue to accept a variety of items such as winter clothes, toiletries, donations and more. Credit: Rachel Saurer

Thomas said Jorena’s compassionate heart wants to encourage others to act more kindly in the community.

“Just think about it now and you’ll get a goose bump, and that happened at that moment,” said Thomas.

Place is still seeking donations and is currently accepting all types of winter clothing. But Mr. Dubman said their biggest need was economic. For more information on how to donate, click here..

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