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Coca-Cola helped spread the image today, but its version of Santa Claus was inspired by 1822 poetry and earlier depictions of Santa.

You may have heard it before. Coca-Cola created the Santa Claus we see today. It is certainly believable. Santa’s red and white suits match the colors of Coca-Cola, and probably no depiction of Santa Claus is as famous as the classic Coca-Cola Christmas ad.

Whether it’s a neat piece of trivia or an urban legend, people certainly wondered if it was true for some time. The first three suggestions Google makes for “didcoca” are all related to this question.

Just this year Catholic bishop of Sicily spoke to children The Santa does not exist and his costume was created by Coca-Cola.

But for the last 20 years, article, blog, Museum And even Coca Cola itself For those who have questions about the relationship between Coca-Cola and modern Santa Claus, everything tried to set a straight record.


Did Coca-Cola invent the contemporary image of Santa Claus?

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No, Coca-Cola did not invent the contemporary image of Santa Claus, but Coca-Cola contributed to the spread of the image. Santa Claus, as we know it today, has its roots in the work of the poet Clement Clarke Moore and the cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 1800s.

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Santa Claus today has some unified characteristics, regardless of what personal touch the artist gives him. He is a cheerful round man, wearing a red suit with white fur, a black belt, and finally a red hat with a white fuzzy ball. Clothes that complement his long, white beard. The explanation is consistent with the way Coca-Cola has painted Santa Claus for almost a century.

Coca-Cola says thatHelped shape the image of SantaIn the history of the company. “But of the beverage company Australian website It makes it clearer how Coca-Cola “helped” that image.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Coca-Cola led much of the 20th century if Santa Claus in the United States were to repeat itself, but it’s unfair to say that Coca-Cola invented Santa.” Coca-Cola Australia says.

Santa’s contemporary image first began to take shape in 1822. Clement Clarke Moore’s Poem Well known as “Visit from St. Nicholas”, “Night before Christmas”. Moore described St. Nicholas as a chubby, cheerful old elf, all dressed in fur and with a white beard.

The editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast, known as the “Father of American Cartoons,” was drawn from his native German folk tradition when he painted Santa Claus on Harper’s Weekly. 1862 cartoon.. That version of Santa Claus was similar to Moore’s, but equipped with a suit composed of the Star-Spangled Banner to match the message of the Civil War-era comic parent union.

Nast’s Santa Claus paintings were so popular that he continued to draw variations of Harper’s Weekly characters each year. In 1881, he published a version of Santa in a cartoon version that closely resembled the way we know him today.Merry old santa claus.. “

The Public Domain Review, a non-profit online journal for works in the public domain, includes a color version of the 1881 cartoon in it. Santa Claus timeline.. The timeline also shows that Santa began wearing red suits more regularly after Nast’s 1881 draw.

Coca-Cola first started using the Santa Claus version. The company says Coca-Cola is reminiscent of Nast in 1920s advertising. Then, in 1931, Coca-Cola asked artist Haddon Sandbrom to draw Santa Claus for an advertising campaign. The company states that it used Moore’s poetry as its main inspiration. Moore’s poem does not explain the color of Santa’s suit, and Coca-Cola does not explain why Sandbrom chose red and white, but with the red established by Nast 50 years ago. The white color scheme has become commonplace.

In fact, Coca-Cola wasn’t the first soda company to use Santa’s modern image in its advertising. White rock beverage They say they used his images in the 1915 mineral water ad and the 1923 ginger ale ad. Even a century ago, Santa in White Rock is no different than Santa in today’s commercials, movies, and artwork.

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Coca-Cola popularized Santa’s modern image, but didn’t create it Source link Coca-Cola popularized Santa’s modern image, but didn’t create it

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