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    Clayton Echard is considering regaining Cassidy’s roses

    Clayton Echard and Hilary Duff. ABC / John Freener

    It didn’t take long! Clayton Echard The taste of his first drama Bachelor’s degree As an episode on Monday, January 10th Cassidy When Shanae Became an early villain in Season 26.

    episode Kick off on a group dateIn the meantime, the woman planned a child’s birthday party Guidance from Hilary Duff.. Cassidy was more interested in talking to childhood idols and stealing Clayton alone than helping the festival.She even admitted that she spent as little time around the children as possible, and she proved it by repetition. Take Clayton to a private spot to understand.

    At the after party, another woman called Cassidy because she didn’t pull her weight in the party planning. She argued that no one was paying for their labor and refused to apologize. The women were frustrated by Cassidy’s aggressive approach, but Clayton admitted that she was working with him, so he gave her a group date.

    ABC / John Freener

    Clayton was later selected Susie For his first one-on-one date. They boarded a helicopter and landed on a yacht. Clayton was fascinated by Susie’s humble and authentic nature.He felt a stronger connection than expected and believed in them Share similar valuesSo he gave her a rose.

    The drama escalated during the date of the second group where the female was Quiz about their red flag And I was tasked with completing the obstacle course.Cassidy had Given the advice of Shanae Assertive, Shanae did so by pushing Elizabeth On the obstacle course. Shanae was angry that Elizabeth had a close bond with Clayton, so she told Clayton at the afterparty that Elizabeth acted on her both sides. Clayton confronted Elizabeth about Shanae’s accusation, and Elizabeth claimed she was kind to Shanae.

    Elizabeth then set Shanae aside and told Elizabeth that she felt ignored in the previous conversation. Elizabeth explained that she suffers from ADHD and that the condition often affects her when talking to multiple people. Elizabeth wanted to move on from the drama, but Shanae brought her ADHD in front of the rest of the women, and they started the discussion again.In the midst of trials, Clayton sets the date of the group Sara, He she There for the right reason..

    At the cocktail party, Shanae once again asked Elizabeth’s ADHD, she used it as an excuse and claimed to have ADHD herself. in the meantime, Sierra Cassidy informed Clayton I had a good friend at home It was waiting for her to return from the show.He was shocked by Cassidy May not want a serious relationship, So he asked the host Jesse Palmer Somehow Everyone has regained the roses before.. The episode ended with a “continue” title card.

    Bachelor’s degree I will return to ABC on Monday, January 24th at 8 pm EST.

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    Clayton Echard is considering regaining Cassidy’s roses

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