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    Clare Crawley and Blake Monar Cozy Up on Instagram: Could They Be Shagging?

    Clare Crawley seems to have lay on Dale Moss …

    … to Get Placed by Breakmoner.

    If you analyze and believe in a recent Instagram photo, that’s right.

    On Sunday, January 9th, a polarized ex-single posted a video montage from a trip to Indiana on her Instagram page.

    To the surprise of many observers, it featured that Crawley looked pretty cozy with the grooming specialist Mona she sent home just two weeks after the late 2020 date show.

    The Fuji was uploaded more than three months after Claire and her former fiancé Dale Moss, who she chose to win Season 16, disbanded for the second time and last.

    “I went to business and left an unexpected and wonderful memory!” Claire captioned her post. “Indy, you were really beautiful and exactly what my soul needed.”

    Clare Crawley and Blake Mona

    In a social media clip that is crowded with fans across the country, Claire and Blake shop together, ride a car, bowl, and play with their niece and nephew’s baby.

    Mona, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Paradise Season 7 last summer, shared a video of herself and her niece pushing Claire with a toy car in the house on Instagram Story.

    He also shared a clip (above) where he and Crawley were walking outside together with their arms crossed.

    “How do you walk on black ice with a grown-up man hanging on your back @clarecrawley?” Asked Mona as an intriguing caption.

    Clare Crawley up close

    Neither Crawley nor Monar have commented on the status of these posts or their relationships.

    But Claire has said a lot about Moss lately.

    “It’s a deep pain that attracts me. For example, how do you say goodbye to someone who didn’t want to leave?” She said in October in Jana Kramer’s podcast While Down With Jana Kramer.

    “You have to say goodbye to those who don’t want to say goodbye. You have to leave those who don’t want to leave. It’s difficult, it’s painful.”

    Kiss of Dale and Claire

    Crawley is said to have fallen in love while shooting a bachelor, so there was no reason to continue shooting.

    After just a month or so set, Moss suggested … Crawley said … The two left the program and Taisia ​​Adams took over as the show’s anchor.

    After doing many interviews together as an engaged couple, vowing their love to be genuine, and openly discussing having children in the near future. Moss and Crawley split in early 2021..

    But they came back together only a few weeks later.

    Claire and Dale are back

    But this fall, Crawley and Moss broke up again.

    And it didn’t take long for things to get ugly.

    “I don’t want to regret it all the time. I was doing everything I could at the time with the information I had, so I don’t even know if I did something else.” Crawley continued the aforementioned podcast..

    “And if my greatest regret trusts the process, trusts the man’s words, and he shows me who he is, I don’t think it’s regret.”

    Dale Moss and Clare Crawley: Good!

    Claire made no particular claim to Moss.

    But she added:

    “I trusted someone.

    “I believed someone was the one they said [and] I will keep my promise when I get off on one knee. “

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