Claire Foy Says She ‘Can’t Help But Feel Exploited’ While Filming Sex Scenes


Claire Foy talks about one of the most disliked aspects of her work, filming. Sex scene..

Emmy Award-winning actorWho started the role of Queen Elizabeth In Netflix’s acclaimed royal drama, crown, Star of future limited series British scandal, The true story of Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll. Given the plot of the show investigating leaks in 1963 nude photos that destroyed Campbell’s reputation, including more intimate scenes, it was considered necessary.In a new interview with BBC4 radioFoy was honest about how uncomfortable it was to shoot a particular moment.

“Basically, it’s a really difficult line because you feel exploited when you’re a woman and you have to have fake sex on the screen. You can’t help feeling exploited.” She said. Man.. “It’s tough-it’s the toughest thing you can do.”

“You feel exposed. You can prevent everyone from feeling that way, but unfortunately that’s the reality,” she explained. I didn’t want to have the terrible climax sexual experience you often see on cinema screens. “


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Later in the interview, Claire Foy discussed the industry changes she witnessed, which helped her. Learn to speak for yourself others. “I can only speak from my personal experience, not the way it was like the Cultural Revolution, but I feel like there is room and acceptance that I have never had before,” she said. For example, a place where I would feel wrong, but I was told by society that it wasn’t right. And now there are forums for me and my friends and colleagues who say, “Yes, I’m affirming that it’s actually wrong” when something goes wrong.

The actor also said during the interview that he sincerely criticized the word “slut-shaming” and believed that the word “slut” should not exist in any context.

“I hate the phrase slut-shaming. I absolutely hate it. But I think women are basically ashamed of filthy forever. I think Eve was probably ashamed of filthy,” she said. .. “There’s something I hate. In other words, it’s used in a way that justifies it. The word” slut “should probably not exist alone. “

You can hear the full BBC4 interview, here..

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