Civilization will collapse without children


Entrepreneur and businessman Elon Musk’s gesture on August 13, 2021 when he visited the Tesla Gigafactory factory under construction in Grünheide, near Berlin, eastern Germany.

Patrick Purle | AFP | Getty Images

Tesla And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk I want to have more babies.

“There aren’t enough people,” Musk said. Monday’s Wall Street Journal Event.. “I can’t really emphasize this enough. There aren’t enough people,” he said.

High-tech billionaires said the declining birthrate and rapid declining birthrate are “one of the greatest risks to civilization.”

His comments come from quoting as more and more people have decided not to have children. Concerns about climate change And inequality.

Musk believes that too many “good and wise people” are too many in the world, adding that the population is out of control.

“That’s completely the opposite,” Musk urged people to look at the data. “If people have no more children, civilization will collapse. Mark my words.”

When asked if this was the reason he had so many children, the six fathers said he was trying to set a good example and added that he had to practice preaching. ..

Analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a July investor note: “There is a growing movement to not have children due to concerns about climate change, and the birth rate is faster than any other trend in the area of ​​declining birth rates. Is influencing. “

To support their claim, they pointed out research, academic research, and Google data showing that climate change is accelerating direct and indirect declines in fertility.

UCLA Researcher Indicated Birth numbers in the United States declined nine months after the extreme heat, study Of the 18,000 couples in China last year, climate change, especially contamination with particulate matter, shows a 20% increase in the likelihood of infertility.

Of course, if everyone stops giving birth, humanity will soon disappear.Fringe group Antinatalists believe that is exactly what should happenHowever, most people do not share this view.

In fact, many consider having children a fundamental human right and a human right that can bring happiness and joy to the family.

Civilization will collapse without children

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