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    City Council approves ordinance regulating existing, future carports – Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-11-24 22:38:01 –

    Colorado Springs — A big change for Colorado Springs carport owners.

    Colorado Springs City Council voted 8 to 1 Ordinance Regulate carports in the neighborhood. It’s been about 15 months since the members of the council decided to scrutinize Carport.

    “In my understanding, about a year ago, a citizen with a carport received complaints and code violations. He or she was so angry that they ran around the city, basically 60. He complained to Carport and overwhelmed the city with these complaints, “said Nancy Henjum of the Colorado Springs City Council.

    With this incident, members of the council began working on new rules that allowed carports and regulated how carports were built.

    “It was illegal at first, but now it’s becoming more tense. The original ordinance allowed carports to be purchased from essentially any manufacturer of metal structures. That’s the council. There were a lot of things that were brought to the meeting. The controversy about it happened in the first vote, because those who really wanted it were very much in favor and those who didn’t want it were so disagree. I failed, so I failed the idea. I tried to find a compromise. “

    “These carports are extremely important and have grown like a topsy. Now we have created a standard in the ordinance that allows carports as long as safety is our top priority. It’s aesthetics, whether it looks or not. It’s perfect for your neighborhood, it’s not dazzling, and it doesn’t undermine the value of your home, “said Tom Strand of the Colorado Springs City Council.

    Under the new ordinance, the city will limit where carports can be placed in the front yard. You must comply with all applicable provisions of the Pikes Peak Regional Building Standards Act. The carport in the vestibule must not exceed 500 square feet, or the maximum permissible parking and maneuvering area according to the code. You should retreat at least 5 feet from the edge near the adjacent sidewalk and at least 10 feet from the edge near the curb or driveway. Carports must not have side panels or screens in the area 60 inches above grade level to grade level. Vestibular carports can have one enclosed side only if the enclosed side is a shared wall with the main structure or ancillary structures.

    “We now have this new ordinance, and when you are pulling on the sidewalk on the street, you have a clear vision, the sides of the carport are unobstructed, and you I want to make sure I have at least a 5 foot area that is actually open, “Strand said.

    The ordinance prohibits carports with fabric / nylon tarpaulins with “skinny” posts, fabric / nylon tarp shelters, continuous side roofs, full side panels, and roof overhangs.

    Colorado Springs

    Photo 2.PNG

    Colorado Springs

    Photo 3. PNG

    Colorado Springs

    The carport has eaves, stanchions with a diameter of 4 inches or more, and must meet the height limit of 12 feet. The structure can also have untreated wood, unpainted metal and must match the color of the body or the trim of the primary structure. They cannot be made of non-durable and / or flexible materials, including but not limited to materials such as canvas, plastic, polyester, or other tents.

    “We know this can cost thousands of dollars to make changes, and I’m sorry, but maybe we’re working with neighbors and nonprofits to get people who don’t have the money. It can really help, “Strand said.

    The ordinance requires residents to apply for permission to build a carport in their front yard. Neighbors have the opportunity to comment on the proposed structure.

    The councilor states that the existing carport is not exempt because it was illegal in the first place. Carport owners who do not follow the new rules may face fines and need to remove them.

    The ordinance will officially come into effect after the second vote in about two weeks.

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    City Council approves ordinance regulating existing, future carports Source link City Council approves ordinance regulating existing, future carports

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