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    Chronic pain treatment should include psychological interventions, says research

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    Pain is a physical way of warning the brain of an injury or illness. Without a strong pain response, physical trauma may be overlooked and untreated. However, some people experience long-lasting chronic pain after the injury has healed or when there is no easily identifiable cause.

    Unfortunately, chronic treatment pain At the store and Prescription drugs There are unique health risks such as harmful side effects and addiction.In the latest issue of Psychology for the public good (((PSPI), How does a team of researchers investigate Psychological intervention It can be part of a comprehensive plan for managing chronic pain while reducing the need for surgery and potentially dangerous drugs.

    Mary Driscol, a researcher at Yale University and the lead author of a major article on the subject, said: “People engaged Psychotherapy You can expect to experience an improvement in physical function and emotional well-being, as well as a significant reduction in pain itself. “

    Current state of care

    In many cases, the cause of chronic pain is unknown, and traditional medical interventions such as painkillers and surgery can cause little or no relief or worsen the condition. People with chronic pain often report frustration with their health care system and health insurance. These tend to be negative or unsuccessful in dealing with complaints.

    Psychotherapy can reduce the need for medications, surgery, and other invasive treatments that can be costly, ineffective, and even dangerous. And research suggests that the effects of psychotherapy can be sustained for life.

    “People with pain should feel empowered to choose the most attractive psychotherapy,” says Driscoll. “Once done, finding a psychotherapist who can provide this care and establish a meaningful connection will be an important factor in profiting.”


    Studies show that psychological factors can affect the onset, severity, and duration of chronic pain.For these reasons, some psychological interventions have been shown to be effective in treatment. Chronic pain..

    In the article, Driscoll and her colleagues describe interventions that have been most widely studied by the pain community, including:

    • Supportive psychotherapy that emphasizes unconditional acceptance and empathic understanding
    • Relaxation training, or the use of breathing, Muscle relaxation, And a visual image to counteract the stress response of the body
    • Biofeedback (eg, increased), including monitoring the patient’s physiological response to stress and pain Heart rate, Muscle tension) and teach them how to down-regulate these reactions
    • Hypnosis by a trained clinician. It can cause changes in pain handling, expectations, or perception and incorporates relaxation training.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients learn to reconstruct maladapted thoughts about pain that causes pain. Change useless behavior such as isolation and inactivity.Develop useful behavioral coping strategies (eg relaxation)
    • Mindfulness-based intervention. It helps relieve physical pain from emotional pain by raising awareness of the body, breathing and activity.
    • Psychologically informed physiotherapy that integrates physiotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy

    NS PSPI The report also addresses topics such as integrated pain care or the fusion of medical, psychological and social aspects of health care. The future of pain treatment; improve the availability and integration of pain management strategies.

    Is there a link between pain and depression?

    For more information:
    Mary A. Driscoll et al, Psychological Intervention for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Adults, Psychology for the public good (2021). DOI: 10.1177 / 15291006211008157

    Quote: Treatment of chronic pain should include psychological intervention, the study (October 5, 2021) found -It states that it was obtained from interventionions.html on October 5, 2021.

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    Chronic pain treatment should include psychological interventions, says research Source link Chronic pain treatment should include psychological interventions, says research

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