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    Christine & Kody Brown’s Holiday Plan Leads to the Battle – Hollywood Life

    Disagreements over how to handle COVID as the holiday season approaches continued to hurt Christine and Kody Brown in the December 26th episode of Sister Wai.

    Kody Brown And his wife prepared for the December 26th episode for the 2020 holiday season. Sister’s wife.. Discussions continued on how to deal with the coronavirus Cause tension With Kodi Christine Brown, Had different opinions on how strict the family should be to see each other. “All of COVID has ruined so much experience for Christine and me,” Kodi admitted. “I hope we can get rid of COVID and return to our normal relationship with each other.”

    After Christine returned from New Jersey, her daughter Isabel Brown, was Have back surgery, She and Kodi together discussed the rules they wanted her to follow during COVID.Kodi, Christine with him Robin Brown I was staying at. Due to Christine’s decision not to obey the rules, Kodi could not spend time at her house and her children could not see their brothers from other wives. “My biggest concern is how we move forward,” Kodi said. “We can’t stay alive like this. It’s very important that you return to a quasi-quarantine system or situation at a social distance so that I can come back and be here.”

    Christine Brown in the December 26th episode of “Sister Wai’s”. (TLC)

    Christine reveals what she thought Kodi’s rules It was too strict.She he was I came to her house and it was only a few times a week anyway. In the meantime, when she and her children visit other family and friends, they will spend much more time with them. “We went to the place and they were very excited to meet us,” Chrsitine explained. “And they always hang out with us. See you a few times a week.” Kodi claims he’s much more around than that, and it’s about “semantics.” It led to.

    By the end of the conversation, both Kodi and Christine Was frustrated.. “They prefer to do something with other people rather than allow me to stay home with them,” Kodi yelled. “How does it work in the long run in a relationship? I go to people in my family No Like that with me. I have nothing more to say. Meanwhile, Christine pointed out that nannies are coming and going home for Kodi and Robin. “What are the nanny and her husband doing to make it so they can come in?” Christine wondered. “When I’m at home, I do exactly what I should do, but can’t my girl see their siblings?”

    Chrsitine urged Kody to lift some of his COVID restrictions. “It’s been six months and it’s not working,” she told him. “We need a guarantee that we really intend to have Thanksgiving. [together] Or I will leave. I will go. “Kodi can’t handle back and forth anymore and he’s gone.” It would be great if everyone could maintain our COVID protocol and we all be together, “he said. Told. “That’s great, but there’s no sign that everyone is willing to do that. What we have is a fundamental collapse of trust in the family.”

    Eventually, Kodi and all four wives got together for further discussion.With Robin Meri Brown Both sides agreed to follow a strict list of rules set by Kodi, but with Christine. Janel Brown I was much hesitant. Janelle revealed that she would not join the family for Thanksgiving, but promised that she and her children would follow the rules leading up to Christmas and that everyone would be together. Christine was also devoted to Thanksgiving separately from Kodi and his wife, but did not leave a conversation with the final answer about what her plan was. “I don’t think these rules are realistic in the real world,” she admitted.

    Cody Christine Brown
    Cody and Christine Brown together. (Puddle Monkey Prods / Kobal / Shutterstock)

    Christine and Janel took their place by letting Kodi know they didn’t agree with the rules, and he became very frustrated. “When these complaints come to me, it feels like it’s undermining what I’m trying to do,” he replied. His reaction offended Christine. “We are married,” she said in a confession. “If we can’t grow something frustrating without feeling weakened [him]… Doesn’t it sound like a dictatorship, not a marriage? An unpleasant word comes to my mind, so I’m trying to get rid of it a bit. “

    By the end of the conversation, things between Kodi and Christine hadn’t improved. “It’s a sad reality about where I am in my marriage,” he said. “Lack of loyalty is not good for marriages five, ten, or fifteen years from now. It will be very difficult for us,” Christine added, “I’m at home now. It’s difficult. Kodi and I are in a difficult situation. I don’t want to be around so often. It’s easier to leave. “

    As the season progresses, you’ll see how families navigate the holiday season. But fans know that Christine and Kodi didn’t last long after this. Announced their split In the fall of 2021.

    Christine & Kody Brown’s Holiday Plan Leads to the Battle – Hollywood Life

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