Chris Noth Edited Out of “And Just Like That” Finale Amid Sexual Assault Scandal


last week, A fourth female came forward to blame Chris Noth Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, of sexual assault urged stars and producers Sex and the City spin off And just like that To stand up for the victims of the North.

And now, the stars and the creative team seem to be sending a very strong message to the shameful actors.

(At this point, warn those who want to avoid it And just like that spoiler I won’t read any more. )

Noss character Big was unexpectedly killed at the premiere of the series, but apparently had plans to bring him back in flashback format for the finale of the show.

Currently, these plans have been abandoned and producers are confirming that the rest of Noth’s scenes have been edited.

Some outlets have confirmed the news that the cast and production staff have agreed to remove Noth from the finale, which will be released on HBO Max on February 3rd.

It’s unclear if this move required the episode to be rewritten in some way, or if a new scene was shot as needed.

2016 Chris Noth

News will come shortly after the next announcement Noth was fired from Equalizer -The result of the allegation-a CBS drama in which he co-starred with Queen Latifah.

North was first accused of assault On December 17, he was swiftly dropped by both a talent agency and Peloton, who recently hired him for an advertising campaign.

For the next few days, several other women came forward to blame Noth for cheating, from sexual harassment to rape at work.

Chris Noth on stage

North has issued a statement claiming that none of these four women’s allegations are true.

“The accusations against me by individuals I met years and decades ago are categorically wrong,” the actor wrote on social media.

“These stories could have been 30 years ago or 30 days ago — they don’t always mean no — that’s the line I didn’t cross,” he continued.

2021 Chris Noth

“It’s hard to doubt when these stories come out. I’m not sure why they’re emerging now, but I know this. I didn’t assault these women.”

The actor’s representative has issued a similar refusal in the weeks since then.

“The story is a complete myth, and the statements that are allegedly detailed throughout are read as part of bad fiction,” said one staff member, North. Man magazine.

Chris Noth image

“As Chris said yesterday, he never crosses that boundary and never crosses it.”

New York City Police Department states that North is not currently under investigation.

However, the situation may change as at least two of the victims plan to file a civil suit. This may reveal new evidence.

Chris Noth in New York

In the meantime, Noth’s acting career seems to have suddenly come to an unexpected end.

As more information becomes available, there will be more updates to this developing story.

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