Friday, October 22, 2021

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    Chris Lopez SLAMS Kailyn Lowry: I’m NOT Having Another Kid! You’re Just Desperate For Attention!

    On Thursday night, Kailyn Lowry posted one of the most ironic Instagram stories of her career.

    A longtime Teen Mom 2 star has taken us to this site to celebrate the news that baby dad Chris Lopez is welcoming another child.

    “Congratulations to Chris and his new family. It’s very exciting to have a new brother that the boys love,” Laurie writes.

    She added a lot of stars and hearts to show her vitreous post in good faith.

    Needless to say, Kale’s wishes do not seem to be completely sincere.

    In fact, this seems to be yet another shot fired in an endless feud between Raleigh and Lopez.

    Apparently, she didn’t mention Chris’s name here, but on Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere, fans quickly summarized the situation and concluded that Kail was angry.

    “Did Kales Baby Papa Chris get another girl pregnant? Kales posted an Instagram post, and now I’m wondering what’s going on ?!” asked one Twitter user. ..

    “The new baby mama should be more careful before Kale does anything strange. She’s now angry and jealous,” the second added.

    “Her feelings certainly calm down. It’s a shame she worked hard for Chris, but he showed her a dead end relationship over and over again … she saw it. I didn’t want to, “said the third person, who chimed.

    Many have pointed out that this situation has a shocking irony.

    I remember that time Jenelle Evans shared Kail’s third pregnancy nest Before Raleigh is ready to announce?

    Not surprisingly, Raleigh was very angry with the situation-thus submitting an innocent bystander she never agreed to share the details of her life on reality television. It’s a little surprising.

    Well, if this situation looks like, Kail’s behavior is actually more sad than Jenelle’s behavior. This is not the phrase we were expecting to create so far.

    Chris also listened to Kale’s claim and did not drop Raleigh’s name, but there is little doubt about who he was talking about.

    “If they don’t pay you the right attention, I get it, but this isn’t the way to get mine,” he wrote on Instagram.

    This all follows the following claim: Raleigh is engaged to Chris Lopez..

    If her goal here was to shoot down those rumors, we think she could have found a less inflammatory way to do it.

    Ideally, one that might or might not be Chris’ baby mama and wouldn’t drag a woman into this mess.

    And ironically, Kail is always trying to convince Teen Mom 2 viewers that Chris has no emotions. However, she does something like this and is almost certain that she is 100% emotional to Chris.

    If she didn’t, why would she get angry that he had another woman pregnant?

    After all, Kail already claims it Lopez is “Instagram Dad” It has nothing to do with his two sons.

    He is already A lazy dead beat, so what difference does it make to Kale if he has another kid with someone else?

    No, what seems much more likely is that Kale still has the hope of liquidating with Chris, and she is blind to the news of his second baby mama. I feel that.

    We sympathize-but she shouldn’t be really surprised at this point.

    Chris Lopez SLAMS Kailyn Lowry: I’m NOT Having Another Kid! You’re Just Desperate For Attention! Source link Chris Lopez SLAMS Kailyn Lowry: I’m NOT Having Another Kid! You’re Just Desperate For Attention!

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