Chris Armas was a head coach often forgotten in MLS. So why is he in Manchester United? | Manchester United


TThis has long been a familiar face among Old Trafford coach staff. From Ryan Giggs to Michael Carrick to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United He was keen to maintain the link between the players and the coach. However, the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as interim coach suggests a different approach.

Ralf Rangnick is one of the newcomers that United fans must be familiar with, and Chris Armas announced: Club’s new assistant coach Following Carrick’s exit, it’s another. Former USA midfielder has been absent from work since leaving Toronto FC in Major League Soccer in July and is superficially selected as a left fielder. Few people heard of him in the Premier League circle before he arrived at Old Trafford.

But Armas and Rangnick have a history. The new Manchester United will be responsible for the sports and development of Red Bull’s football business, and Armas was the head coach of the New York Red Bull from 2018 to 2020.

Ralf Rangnick, appointed to give Manchester United wings, seems keen to recreate many of the ideas that worked very well for him as the architect of the Red Bull football empire. The arrival of Armas at the club is another sign of how Germans are trying to stamp their stamps on clubs that are in desperate need of a new direction. Recruitment Former RB Leipzig sports psychologist Sascha Lense.

For MLS fans, the sight of Armas at one of the world’s largest clubs, Doug Out, is jarring.While the former midfielder is lifting Supporters’ Shield (The trophy was given to the team with the best regular season record in MLS) As head coach of the New York Red Bulls, his managerial career on the other side of the Atlantic is not exactly appreciated. ..

A powerful pillar set up by Jesse Marsch in the New York Red Bulls, who worked as an assistant before Armas was replaced in the middle of the 2018 season, was eroded. The Red Bulls won the Supporters’ Shield in 2018, but in 2019, the only full season in Armas, the team finished sixth at the Eastern Conference, the worst result in ten years. .. He broke up with the club after a difficult start to the 2020 season. Regression could not be denied.

The six-month spell as head coach of Toronto FC in 2021 was even more annoying. He took over the team that finished second at the Eastern Conference and was accustomed to challenging his honor in recent seasons. However, the start of the campaign under Armas was terrible, and he left after losing 7-1 to DC United, the worst defeat in the team’s history.

In New York, Armas benefited from suspicion from some because the club’s budget is relatively modest compared to some rivals. He may have inherited Marsh’s team, but the RBNY continued to play a dynamic and overwhelming football brand under Armas. In addition, even though performance levels dropped dramatically in 2019, we set a better record in the second half of 2018 (after Marsh left).In Toronto FC, however, Armas has become a flat line at the club One of the highest salaries in the league, And he may have a hard time finding another head coach job at MLS for it.

But there is reason to believe that Armas can thrive in Old Trafford. The skill set to become a successful assistant manager is very different from the skill set of a successful manager, and Armas has the skills of people who act as an effective liaison between the new players of Rangnick and Manchester United. There may be. After all, this is the role he played for years before becoming a head coach.

Indeed, Armas’s social skills are praised by the players who worked under him.Former New York Red Bulls midfielder Dax McCarty Said athletic: “Chris cares deeply about people. He wants to foster and establish relationships that transcend the football field. As an athlete, I think it’s the most valuable asset an assistant coach can have. Can be said to be one of-or any coach in that regard. It doesn’t surprise me that Ralph wants such a person for his staff. “

Much of the discussion about Rangnick’s appointment at Old Trafford was hisGegenpressing‘How are ideologies and Manchester United expected to play more aggressive and impressive games under Germany? As an assistant, Armas was as important as Marsh in implementing a similar style of play at the New York Red Bulls. Regression only happened when Armas was solely responsible, but he would have a more experienced Rangnick to guide things in England.

For Ralph to be truly influential, Manchester United must give him the freedom to reorganize his club. They must trust the Germans to make the right decisions for the future, including allowing him to choose the staff in the back room that best reflects his philosophy. increase. If Armas helps Rangnick communicate his ideas more clearly, it’s only good for United. This is a club that has learned the difficult way that good players don’t always make good managers and now bets that bad managers don’t always make bad assistants.

Chris Armas was a head coach often forgotten in MLS. So why is he in Manchester United? | Manchester United

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